Friday, 20 March 2015

Mistress’s DD training regime

So, I am to be retrained. Mistress offered me the choice of scrapping our DD regime altogether, sending me to a professional disciplinarian, or re-training. The latter was the only option for me.

I know we’ve been down this road before and I know I behave badly as a submissive – someone even described my behaviour as ‘atrocious’ -  but I think this has every chance of working because Mistress is driving it 100% this time.

She’s told me the training programme starts with immediate effect and the aim is to make me more compliant with her expectations, to make me more respectful and attentive, accept her authority without question – at all times. “You need to become more accountable for you own behaviour and remember your place,’ she said.

The training period is initially one month and the reason for that, she says, is to ensure I get a real chance of adapting to the ways she expects. In one month, she says, we should encounter a wide variety of challenges to our regime, and need to learn how to adapt to them.

We could have done a more severe weekend Boot Camp, which we’ve done before, but the short sharp shock only has a limited effect over a longer period – or at least it has for us in the past.

So from today I must refer to her as Mistress at all times, unless in the company of family, close friends or work colleagues. That means if we’re out shopping and then I have to call her Mistress during all conversations. An interesting prospect.

When I come home from work in the evening I have to go immediately upstairs and get changed into my ‘uniform’, then report to Mistress. This involves knocking on the door to the living room and waiting until I am summonsed. I will then be lectured on behaviour and given my instructions for the evening. If I have my own work to do, then this will be taken into account when my chores are set. It’s the same process for weekends.

Punishment is entirely at the discretion of Mistress and will now include the option for corner time as well as corporal punishment. Plus she intends to use the strap on my hands and a whip on my back.
To avoid any misunderstanding I will be lectured on my faults prior to any punishment – though Mistress reserves the right to punish for no reason – and says she will inform me when that is the case.
Three important aspects of our DD is that I accept her direction without question, that I remain in place throughout punishment and I endure it without vocal reaction.

Mistress has decided that in future I will be punished over the ladder we used to use – but with no restraint (like we used in the past) so the emphasis is 100% on my self control. With that in mind she says the maximum number of strokes will be 12, though I will earn extra if I loose position or cry out.
“Your self control is a very important aspect of your discipline. And it’s important that we focus on your discipline by introducing consistency,” she said, adding, “Little and often will benefit you and our relationship in the long term.”

She warns me the cane strokes will still be at full force – and there is no limit to how many punishment sessions there are in one day. And she added: “Don’t think you’ve escaped more severe punishments. Remember this is a training period and we have to get you to behave like a submissive at all times – not when you feel like it. Those 36-stroke canings – and more - are by no means a thing of your past.”

Mistress says the cane, strap and whip will be left hanging on the bedroom door at all times for instant accessibility. We currently keep everything locked away. “Just seeing the cane there will remind you to behave,” she said.

I also have to maintain a diary of thoughts throughout the training programme but will only be allowed a maximum of 10 minutes each evening to record them. They will be vetted before being posted on line.

I feel happy that we have direction – and that Mistress is driving it. I know I should be better behaved in this style of relationship but I’ve allowed other influences to dominate my life.

Having DD there 24/7 will add focus to our relationship. The thought of training is quite daunting but it will give more sustained focus, the kind of focus we’ve had in the past but comes in fits and starts. I secretly believe if this works, then Mistress will adopt it as full time, which is even more daunting.

We welcome any comments and/or advice others in similar relationships may have to help us through what might be a quite demanding period for us both. 

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