Monday, 16 March 2015

Discipline and mentors

Well, my brief, and very distant, dalliance with M/m corporal punishment that I’ve written about in the past couple of days has certainly attracted some correspondence.

One interested male, living in a female-led-relationship posed the question: “If your partner no longer punished you, but wanted to maintain your discipline through a third party, would you a) prefer to be sent to a female or a male for discipline and b) bearing in mind your comments already posted about the effectiveness of a male disciplinarian, would you expect more effective discipline from a man?

Well firstly, I think it unlikely Mistress would want anyone to discipline me other than her good self.
But for the purposes of offering a theoretical answer to this hypothetical question, I would happily accept whatever Mistress decreed in the event of her wishing to farm out my discipline to a third party.
I’m sure it would be a topic of serious discussion beforehand to weigh up the pros and cons of me being sent to a female or male - and the biggest question would likely be: ‘who would be the most effective disciplinarian to suit our needs.’

To answer the second part of the question, I assume the person posing the question was drawing attention to my comments about it ‘feeling more like real discipline from the male disciplinarians I once saw.’

I think Mistress and I would want me to see someone who would act as a mentor. Someone to take on board why I am really there – in order that I might be corrected for erring from the path set by Mistress.
I think that would rule out most professional disciplinarians – but not all. If we could find a female disciplinarian who might be more in tune - in a feminine way – to understand Mistress’ reason for exercising authority over me than I’m sure Mistress would approve.

But from distant past experience of seeing ‘professional disciplinarian’ females I found most difficult to ‘believe in’ which is not a problem if you are simply scratching an itch and want to experience a thrashing (as I did many years ago). But if you are looking for a real disciplinary punishment, delivered with meaning and as part of a corrective process for real faults, then I’m not sure it would have the right effect.

Any punishment can be delivered with real severity but there’s no point unless that punishment comes with a meaningful message. I can think of only one professional Lady I saw many years ago with the kind of authority to act as a mentor.

The two men I saw also struck me as having the ability to act as mentors – and I know of another couple of men who would also fit that bill - strict, old-fashioned, no-nonsense disciplinarians who believe in the traditional values of life and equally traditional methods of correction.

Quite why I see them in the role of mentor, when I have very submissive tendencies towards women, is unclear to me but it could possibly be that my psyche tells me that no female could ever take the place of Mistress - and it would not feel like a male disciplinarian was trying to.

Someone asked me if seeing a male disciplinarian would add an air of inevitability to the proceedings. Certainly the people I have experience of made it feel that way and I think we would both choose someone who could carry out Mistress’ instruction to the letter – and, given their demeanour, there would be no resisting their punishment.

It’s funny, but I’d never even thought of such a scenario ever happening but it does remind me of a time when Mistress was ill a few years back and quipped that as she was unable to discipline me, maybe she should send me to see someone.

I dismissed that notion as folly at the time but did say to Mistress I would happily go along with her offer if she really meant it - but felt that if she did ever send me somewhere for discipline, then it would be only right for her to take me and witness my correction.

Perhaps the seed has once again been sowed in my head. During the process of thinking and writing this response I’ve started to wonder how I might feel in such a situation. How I’d feel if Mistress expressed such a notion. How I’d feel being driven by Mistress to my appointment. How I’d feel standing there being lectured by a man - with her watching and listening.

I think the key element in making it an effective corrective process to benefit our relationship would be that horribly intensive feeling of inevitability. The knowledge that once Mistress had set the path, there would be nothing I could do to prevent the process reaching a very painful, tearful conclusion. With that in mind, I think it could work as another very effective corrective process to benefit our relationship. 

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