Thursday, 26 February 2015


This blog has 133 members. I’ve made 184 posts which have attracted some 720,730 page views since December 2010 and now Google has decided it's time to come up with a new policy of censorship that threatens not just this blog, but all of us who post ‘adult content’.
Well, I suppose one does have to be seen to be doing something positive in these ‘enlightened’ times.
The problem seems to be that Google doesn’t really know what it’s new policy is, except that it no longer accepts blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images of video.
So what to do? I think I may simply quit because I cannot face the hassle of trying to understand exactly what and what is not acceptable under Google’s new rules. But quitting irks me.
So maybe I’ll switch to Wordpress or expand my Fetlife profile to include this blog. 
How do others see it?


  1. The entire community seems to be up in arms about Google's new policy. I've written quite a lot in two posts on our own blog. One thing to consider is that the policy applies only to images and videos. Your blog is mostly text so I don't think you have much to worry about.

    I noticed you do have a pic or two of your bare bottom. If that's the only nudity, there may not be a problem. I have the same issue on our blog in that the only nudity is of my bare bottom, usually getting spanked by Cora.

    Another idea is to put any photos on a Tumblr site and make reference to photos there.

    Good Luck


  2. The situation is revolting to me. To think that someone is forcing his/her view of what's morally correct on all of us who have enjoyed using this blog site is both insulting and frustrating. I'm considering just ending my blog, yet like you I hate to just give in to this foolishness. I only have 2 postings that had any pictures, so I deleted them, but I felt myself gnashing my teeth as I did so. I'm confused as to which alternate blog sites are available, and the thought of leaving behind years of writing and many loyal readers is making me very unhappy. Any solutions would definitely be appreciated!

  3. Looks like the folks at Google blogger reversed their decision. We just posted their announcement along with a link to the source of the announcement. Hurray for us!!!!