Monday, 6 October 2014

The Pledge document

You may recall that in the last blog update I was required by Mistress to draw up a Pledge to her. Once agreed and signed this is the last chance to make me more complaint with Mistress’ rules. If I don’t stick to it as we have agreed, Mistress will no longer entertain the idea of DD in the house because it is unworkable without my compliance.

The delay in finalizing the Pledge is down purely to outside work-related influences (not all on my side I must add).

However, we have discussed the fine detail and Mistress is happy with the content. It’s now down to giving them the final once over together and signing them in the presence of each other. Then there really is no going back.


My Darling Mistress,

I pledge my submission to your authority

I pledge never to say no to any request you make

I pledge to accept that your direction is always right

I pledge that I will never question you

I pledge to serve you and obey your instructions to the best of my ability

I pledge to refer to you as ‘Mistress’ at all times, except in public settings where such behavior would attract undue attention

I pledge to maintain a submissive demeanor at all times, except in public settings where such behavior would attract undue attention

I pledge to accept any punishment - corporal or other - in full, without question or complaint

I pledge to reserve the right to cry, scream, whimper or beg during punishment but accept this will not affect nor stop said punishment

I pledge I will never try to pressure you or control you in our DD relationship

I pledge not to orgasm without your permission

I pledge to always ask permission for any personal leisure time activity.

I pledge to show you respect at all times and treat our DD relationship with total commitment and consistency

I pledge to respect this document to the best of my ability

Yours always, and with love


*These pledges are made in good faith and with good intention to live by them but they are also made in the knowledge that outside influences may prevent 100% commitment at certain times