Thursday, 26 June 2014

Strict Mistress

There’s no messing around with Mistress at the moment. She’s in a determined mood to stamp her authority back on our relationship and has warned me that I can expect instant disciplinary measures in future.

I hope she meant, ‘immediate future’ because it’s going to be a painful road ahead for me if she means otherwise.

As it is I’ve been caned twice today already. I waited in bed while Mistress showered this morning, only because we only have one bathroom and I felt I’d need to use the loo as soon as I jumped out of bed.

No excuse. She discovered me still in bed when she came back into the room, turned around and came back with the thick Dragon cane.

“I told you to get up,” she said, disturbing the air with some practice swishes with the cane. It’s not so much of a swish, as a whoosh with the thicker of our two Dragons. And it’s a sound that puts the dread in me.

I tried to argue, thought better of it and rolled onto my tummy as ordered.

After a dozen horribly thudding strokes from the thick cane, I literally jumped off the bed when told to get up and prepare breakfast.

A couple of hours later I was in my office when Mistress stormed into the office and told me to get changed to go out. She caught me off-guard and I stupidly asked “why?” My brain hadn’t even engaged gear to come with a less confrontational comment and I rued that mistake.

"Go to the bedroom and strip!"

As I went to the bedroom, Mistress went to the spare room so I knew I was going to be caned again.
This time she came armed with the thick black Delrin cane – a real brute.

Her face was black as thunder when she said: “And why and I going to cane you now?”

“Because I questioned you Mistress.”

“Exactly. I sometimes wonder if you deliberately break the rules or are simply stupid.”

I got another dozen, really fast but really hard strokes. And I failed to keep position for the last four.

When she’d finished I was ordered to stand up. We were just inches apart and making direct eye contact. I could feel her warm breath on my face and wanted to kiss her full lips -  but I could see there was no relaxing of her stern demeanor.

“This is how it’s going to be from now on,” she said. “Any time you displease me you will be caned. No exceptions. We’re not going to have any set time or day for punishment. It’s a waste of time because by the time we get around to it, the reason for the punishment is gone. This is all about correcting your faults that have been allowed to go unpunished for far too long. So I suggest you start behaving otherwise your bottom is going to get very sore, very quickly.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now go and get changed to go out.”

I scurried off and did as ordered. Mistress was on the drive waiting for me when I rushed downstairs and had a beaming smile as I locked the front door.

“Come on darling, I’m really hungry,” she said and held out her hand for me to hold as we set off walking.

It was like the past few minutes of punishment had never happened. If any of the neighbours had been watching they would have seen a loving couple going out for lunch – which of course we are. Little did they know, just how strict a disciplinarian this Lady can be – or how much my poor striped bottom was throbbing!


  1. I guarantee that Mistress relished the public hand-holding and display of sweetness while being perfectly aware of the condition of your ass cheeks. I love moments like that, when outside observers have no idea what's going on "behind the scenes". It just makes being the Administress of a sub's pain that much sweeter. Go ahead and ask her. I bet she agrees.

    Glad to see you're back on track once more.

    1. Dear Lady Grey,

      I related your comments to Mistress and asked her what her feelings were at that time and she said, “When I watched you lock the door all I was thinking was, ‘I’m so glad I gave you the thrashing you so deserved.’ It was a feeling of satisfaction, and knowing you were still in a little bit of discomfort as we went for out walk.”

      I recall Mistress asking me when we were out how my bottom was. To which I replied ‘sore.’ Which was greeted by a very warm smile – and a few words about behaving myself in future.



  2. Quick, fast and hard is good training. Enjoy.

  3. Dear Michael,

    I’m not sure enjoy is the correct word to use. But I understand your sentiment


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