Saturday, 31 May 2014

Punishment video clips

I was scanning through FetLife and came across some really interesting videos
posted by Russian Princess. I’d recently watched a video of hers where she beats her sub male Chris with a birch switch and I can only image the intense sting of the thin, whippy rod. The ‘birching’ can be viewed at

A lot of CP clips leave me cold but some impress – and Russian Princess’ certainly do. Whenever I watch clips like this I imagine myself in that position. I marvel at the dominant women, so confidently issuing orders and so effectively administering the punishment. I feel for the poor sub who is suffering (even though he’s there by choice), and ask myself how I’d cope and the answer is probably ‘not that well.’

But the clip I watched most recently is Russian Princess using a really thin rod with two tiny balls at the punishing end. The rod, suitably called the Evil Stick, is really whippy and the balls, I suspect, are weighted to intensify the stinging impact.

Judging by the reaction of her sub, it’s an incredibly effective implement, and he’s left whimpering during the onslaught of strokes – but you can see that anyway if you go to

I’d never head of them before but a quick Google search revealed that the rods are made from thin carbon fibre (so therefore incredibly flexible) with a couple of half inch balls glued to it.

From the websites I’ve seen, the idea that the painful effect is created by holding the handle, positioning the stick close to the skin, pull back the tip and let it snap against the skin. Though if you watch Russian Princess in action you’ll see she uses the implement in traditional caning style.

If you are interested in more intense caning then you might take a look at Acheron999’s clips. These take caning to another level.

In this clip, Acheron suffers a full force punishment with a really thick cane, followed by a whipping, followed by an even more intense cane session at the end. The sound of the each cane stroke rushing through the air is delectable, followed by the crack as it connects with his poor bottom. Acheron is clearly a hardcore masochist as he took the caning without the slightest of fuss and no movement. And he wasn’t even secured to a bench.

I put myself though the same questions as before and decide that I would need to be tied down for that kind of punishment and I’d make the most awful fuss – but it would be interesting to discover what kind of mental journey I’d be on with the cane lashing down like that. 

It really is a no nonsense caning – yet the clip title is ‘Just some fun.’ And as I commented on the site, if this was fun, I’d hate to see a serious punishment! I clicked ‘love it’ and moved on, but this morning I got a message from Rose of the Lashes who said that she had a clip on her page of a punishment session with Acheron that left him bloodied.

It’s not for the feint of heart – but you can see it here:
Initially, as I told Rose of the Lashes in our message exchange, I passed on this as it looked too extreme for me – I don’t mind some blood when the cane grazes me but this? Well I warn you, it’s bloody!

But after her message I sat and watched it and have to say the punishment delivered was truly fearsome, yet impressive with some of the hardest cane strokes administered to a bottom that I’ve seen.
I dread to think what it was like to endure – or what the after effect were under the hot water in a shower!

I ask myself if I’d like to experience it and answer those questions personally? I’m not sure. I’d like to say yes but deep down I’d be so worried about the consequences of damage.

Yet throughout the beating, the two ladies and the sub are exchanging banter like they were supping tea from china cups on the lawn on a sunny afternoon. Top marks (excuse the pun) all round I’d say.

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