Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Appointment with the cane

It was April 9 that I last commented on our DD. I was threated with a return to a 24/7 regime but until yesterday that threat had not materialized. However, I can report that I have an appointment with the cane on Thursday (tomorrow) at 5.00pm.

We were lying in bed on Tuesday morning chatting about our work for the rest of the week. Mistress was due to leave for a couple of days away on business later in the morning when she suddenly said: “I shall be home on Thursday at 5.00pm. I want you dressed for punishment, with the bench set up and canes laid out. I think it’s time you were beaten again – and I want to deal with you as soon as I get home.”

I was taken aback by her sudden authority. We’d not really discussed our DD regime since my last blog post – apart from her occasional enquiry into my health – and whether I was fit enough to be caned again. Those enquiries seemed more witty banter than serious interrogation so I assumed she, like myself, had really gone off the whole DD routine.

I managed a ‘yes Mistress’, in response to her command but the words didn’t come naturally.

I said: “With respect Mistress, I ‘m not questioning your authority but may I ask why you are so keen to beat me now?”

“Because you need it. I can’t believe how rude you’ve been to me recently. Some of your comments are downright nasty. And you’ve become lazy. I aim to regain control of this relationship.”

“If I was going to blog this conversation, I think people would be interested to know why being in control is important to you. I’m interested too…..”

“I’m so busy at work that sometimes I don’t feel any kind of control. Our relationship is the one thing I can control and the discipline you asked for allows me that control.”

“What if we’ve reached the point, or I’ve reached that point, where I don’t want the discipline any more?”

Mistress gave one of those looks that make your blood freeze.

“Do you think you have a choice?”

“No Mistress.”

So I’m resigned to presenting myself for the cane tomorrow. It’s daunting. I know the pain of the Dragon cane will turn me into a blubbering wreck within three or four strokes. It’s always worse when you’ve had several weeks without suffering any disciplinary punishment and I’m still in two mind whether it’s something I still need or have had thrashed out of me.

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