Sunday, 16 February 2014

Our new DD charter

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more intense discussion with Mistress, as the one following Die Starke Frau’s comments about our DD relationship.

I think the opinions voiced gave Mistress confidence to really let her feelings known about the state of our DD regime and she didn’t hold back in tell me how it was – and how it’s going to be.
The conclusion though was that she offered me several options in which to take our DD regime:

That we continue DD - but entirely on her terms
We set a monthly maintenance punishment date
She books an appointment for me to see a professional disciplinarian
We cancel DD completely, destroy all our punishment implements and no word will be spoken of DD in the house again.

She told me that I had to give her my decision on Saturday at 11.00am.

The last option was unthinkable on my part since Mistress knows that I still have a ‘need’. But I realize that ‘need’ is still too much on my terms.

I could never see Mistress booking me to see a professional disciplinarian –an exciting fantasy though it is (Mistress later told me that she felt me refusing punishment was because she ‘didn’t do it right’ so maybe I needed to be dealt with by a professional).

And I couldn’t see how monthly maintenance would work, when we couldn’t get it to work weekly.
At least the first option meant there was some kind of corrective process in place – and, if I’m honest, it was the only real option to consider. I think Mistress knew this. 

So yesterday at 11.00, I went to the living room, appropriately dressed and asked permission to speak with Mistress.

Mistress pointed at the naughty stool and told me to sit before her.


“Please Mistress I’d like to continue our DD entirely on your terms.”

“And why do you think that you will be any more able to accept my authority than you have in the past?”

“I need to try harder Mistress. I’m not saying I’ll be perfect, but I am going to try my utmost to please you Mistress. I know I have caused undue stress in our relationship by refusing your authority Mistress. I’ll try very hard not to let that happen again. ”

“You understand that I will be a lot stricter in future and that you will remember your submissive role at all times – and I mean all times? And that there will be no dissent?”

“Yes Mistress.” 

“Very well. Your task now is to go and write the set of rules we discussed previously. And I want you to prepare a contract that we will both sign. You have one hour. Then we will discuss the rules thoroughly once again to make sure we are both very clear of our roles.

“Yes Mistress.”

As you can see below, there’s a basic set of rules I have to abide, our ‘DD Charter’ and the contract I found on Loving DD and adapted to suit us.

An hour later I was on the naughty stool again, reading the rules for Mistress’ approval.

As you can see below, at Mistress’ behest we now have two types of punishments, Judicial and Summary. The Summary punishment is for lesser offences and I can be punished immediately.

The Judicial punishment is something much more to be feared and operates under a system of demerits or ‘black marks’ for any serious offences. Each black mark is worth six strokes of the cane. After collecting six black marks, I’m due the cane – but Mistress can wait until I have ten black marks and deliver all 60 strokes in one ‘sitting.’

I didn’t have to wait long for my first taste of the new Judicial punishment. Mistress had already totted up six black marks in recent days and, as soon as we had completed our discussion, sent me to fetch the Judicial canes.

The punishment was as expected, quite severe, especially as Mistress used the new, heavy, synthetic cane for six of the strokes. Half way through the punishment I felt myself start whimpering but, apart from telling me to keep quite, it made no difference to my punishment. Mistress was in a determined mood with the cane and didn’t back off one bit.

After the final stroke, and while I was still fastened to the bench, she bent forward to whisper in my ear: “Most of those strokes were as hard as I could manage. I’m delighted with my accuracy at full force. Your stripes are a lovely colour and perfectly parallel. Are you happy?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you for punishing me.”

Later we talked over the entire ritual and I asked Mistress if she was pleased I’d chosen to continue our DD. “Of course I am. It’s something you need. Without it you are quite over bearing and obnoxious at times. I think the cane helps you remember your place.”

“You suggested sending me to see someone else?”

“You have experience of professionals and, with you keeping trying to buck the system we have, I get the feeling I’m not doing something right. I wondered if you might be better going to see someone else and let them punish you. At least then you would have some kind of comparison and we could maybe learn from it?”

I was surprised at the idea. I told Mistress it might be a nice fantasy for her to take me to someone and witness a punishment but the reality didn’t really interest me.

I explained to Mistress how detached it is seeing a professional. It used to fulfill a need in me but that was it. There’s no feeling of being punished for real faults as there is with our DD. And, most important, there’s no loving emotion involved like there is between us.

I think that reassure Mistress so I had to ask, “do you enjoy disciplining me Mistress?”

Mistress smiled and said: “I enjoy keeping you in your place. And I enjoy it when I’m really accurate with the cane.”

I can feel the pride Mistress takes when she’s laid on a good set of strokes – and I could tell she really loved the dark red, almost black stripes she left carved across my bottom today. She’s inspected my bottom three times since punishment. Normally it’s just the once, straight after I’m released from the bench.

But how do I feel? Incredibly happy, and totally indulgent in my submissive role. I know Mistress will be happy that I’m both submissive and will bend to her will – and she’ll love it that I’m also scared, because, as she said recently, she enjoys seeing that vulnerability in me.

There’s also relief we’ve managed to overcome another blip in our DD - but I’m only too aware that these past few days, with all the DD discussion, has heightened my submissive tendencies. I just hope that when I’m not in that mindset I can still find it in me to submit to Mistress in a way she will expect.


Domestic Discipline rules apply at all times.

All rules and disciplinary actions are at the discretion of Mistress and are non-negotiable.

The hours of 8.30am until 5.30pm, Monday to Friday are observed as ‘Working Hours’ when both parties work independently and can focus on their respective employment. Any Working Hours outside of this must be negotiated with Mistress.

The hours of 5.31pm until 8.29am, Monday to Friday, are the hours of Service. Saturdays and Sundays are also days of Service.

Any outside activities, during the hours of Service, must be sanctioned by Mistress.

During Service an appropriate PVC uniform must be worn unless otherwise instructed by Mistress.

There will be two distinct types of punishment. Judicial and Summary.

Judicial Punishment is for serious offences (ie showing dissent, being disrespectful) and will be determined by a demerit system. A ‘Black Mark’ demerit will be awarded for any offence committed. Black marks are non-negotiable. Each black mark equals 6 strokes of the cane. Mistress may award more than one black mark in the case of a serious offense. The maximum limit to the number of black marks that can be allotted to one offense is 10. Black marks will be recorded on the kitchen chalk-board.

Mistress may administer Judicial Punishment any time between a minimum six black marks (36 strokes) up to a maximum of 10 black marks (60 strokes). The only canes used for Judicial Punishment are either of the two Dragon canes or the thick black synthetic cane. Strokes delivered with consistent force. No ‘soft’ strokes are permitted. Strokes will be applied with an interval of 5s minimum, 10s maximum with no longer breaks permitted. The recipient will be bound over the bench for punishment. Punishment may only be applied to the bared bottom and tops of thighs.

Summary Punishment is for minor offences (anything that doesn’t fit into the judicial category) and may be corporal or non-corporal. The method of Summary Punishment is entirely at Mistress’ discretion but must be administered on the same day of the offence. Any implement not used in Judicial Punishment may be used. Punishment may be applied to bare bottom, backs of legs, fronts of thighs, back, and hands – depending on implement used. Non-corporal punishments include: corner time, line writing, apology letters, humiliation clothing, withdrawl of privileges may also be awarded.  


This is the Domestic Discipline Contract between Mistress and boi. This contract is binding as long as both parties agree to all of the terms set out above. This contract expires and can be renewed one year after signing and agreeing to its conditions by both parties. By signing this document, parties agree to hold one another accountable and to in no way take advantage or legal action on the basis of fraud, abuse, or any other legal issue.

I, Mistress, hereby agree to uphold our Domestic Discipline charter, as specified in the DD Rules (Feb 15, 2014) attached.

I accept my responsibility to uphold the discipline in our relationship at all times and to carry out any corrective measures that may be required in a fair and consistent manner.


I, boi, hereby agree to our Domestic Discipline charter, as specified in the DD Rules (Feb 14, 2014) attached.

I accept my responsibility to abide by the Domestic Discipline rules of our relationship at all times and accept, without question, any corrective measures that Mistress sees fit to impose on me.



The three tenants

I must never say no to Mistress

I must never question Mistress

I will show respect to Mistress at all times

Domestic chores

Hand Mistress her house-robe first thing in morning.

Make the bed every morning

All washing up to be completed by end of evening

Leave toilet seat down

Prepare all meals

Never leave fridge door open longer than necessary

All internal doors to be closed on leaving house

Keep Mistress’ boots polished

All housework as directed by Mistress

Other chores as directed by Mistress


  1. Congratulations on your new charter! Sounds like things are going very well!

    I think I still struggle with the three tenants myself sometimes. Her Majesty and I don't have a charter but I can tell she pretty much expects the same thing. I think I do OK most of the time but every once in awhile...

    I do most of the same domestic chores you do as well which is kind of interesting. Except for the cooking. Her Majesty is an amazing cook. I do cook for her sometimes though and would like to learn more.

    Best of luck to you and your Mistress on this new and exciting chapter!

  2. You all are so organized! It will make your home run in an orderly fashion, I am sure! Everything seems fair and should be able to keep to this agreement without too much stress or effort. Good job!