Saturday, 1 February 2014

DD punishment research for Mistress

Despite several years now of DD in our household, sometimes 24/7, sometimes not, Mistress still doesn't feel fully experienced in her role. She's not one for surfing the internet to learn more, preferring instead for me to feedback what I've gleaned from my computer sessions.

I have to be honest and open in what I tell her, even if I find things that I'd dislike but she might want to put into practice.

With our DD regime now fully restored it seems Mistress is keen to take things to a whole new level - way beyond what I ever expected and, as I said in my last blog post, she's been forcing me to reveal many of my inner thoughts on the subject that could have a significant bearing on our lifestyle.

So this latest post is the result of Mistress instructing me to research the DD site and provide her with a list of alternative punishments to those we already use – both corporal and non-coporal.

The list is by no means complete but was what I could find in the time allotted – and a couple of things had already been implemented by Mistress. More on those later when I have time to update the blog with recent developments.

In the meantime, here is the list I furnished Mistress with.

My Darling Mistress,

You instructed me to provide you with a list of alternative punishments that you might employ to correct various aspects of my bad behavior. Here are some options I found in my search of relevant DD websites ….

Corporal punishments:

Caned while holding a peeled orange in the mouth. Sub has to retain orange in mouth BUT not break the skin of the orange.  Either dropping the orange or splitting the skin of it means the number of strokes already delivered are then  repeated.

Tawse on the hands.

Bath brush or tennis bat applied while head is secured between Mistress legs.

Back whipping while fastened to back of door.

Wooden paddle on bare bottom but no time gap between swats. Some Mistresses use this method over timed periods – say 30s, 1m, 5m or even longer – of non-stop paddling.

Non-corporal punishments:

Chores: Set tasks to be performed within set time limits.

Line writing: Making sure lines are longer than single line (small paragraph – with some element in red pen as well as black)

Naked Corner time: Naked, nose against the wall, hands on head

Extreme Corner Time: Layers of PVC clothing, blindfolded, ear-plugged, handcuffed hands on head

Essays or formal letter of apology: To explain reasons for bad behavior and apologizing for it!

Detention: Required to wear punishment clothing, which is inspected for smartness. Locked in room to write lines or essay. Only permitted set toilet breaks

Diaper discipline: Required to wear nappy under plastic pants for several hours at a time.

Sleeping on the floor: Tied to foot of bed or locked in separate room. Allowed only minimal bedding.

Sleeping in pvc pyjamas.

Forced to wear pvc in public: pvc pants under day clothes. Raincoats in public even on dry days.

Locked up: Dressed in pvc wear, then locked in cage or cupboard (outside cupboard?).

Pulping meal into baby food and making the sub eat from a bowl on the floor – doggy style. Also water is given in a bowl – no straw. Sub has to sit at Domme’s side while she eats her meal. He is only allowed to eat after she has finished.

Mouth soaping as punishment for bad language or back-talking

Mouth humbler – two chop sticks connected by elastic bands. The chopsticks fit  top and bottom of the tongue and are clamped to the tongue by the elastic bands. Effective punishment for back-talking.

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