Monday, 3 February 2014

DD Boot Camp Day One

After last Thursday’s restless night in PVC, Mistress told me to expect a very disciplined, long weekend so I quickly realized that I was in for a very exacting three days.

Well, you get that feeling when your are sent to fetch the cane before you are even thinking of getting out out of bed and have to lay, face down, for a dozen strokes (for not getting up exactly when told to) – and then Mistress comes into the shower room and gives you a dozen swats with a bath brush (for taking too long in the bathroom).

We never actually discussed it beforehand but, by all the research etc that Mistress instructed me to compile, I should have realised that this was Boot Camp.

Throughout Friday, it was relentless. Mistress picked me up on every small fault, and punished me immediately for them. I was trying so hard to get things right but if there was one tiny thing, like leaving the fridge door open while I spooned yoghurt on our breakfast fruit, Mistress bent me over for more whacks. Me leaving the fridge door open, to be fair has long been a bone of contention with Mistress but this was the first time I’d been caned for it!

It wasn’t just physical punishment. When were getting ready to go out to lunch Mistress read me the riot act: “You walk just behind me at all times, one pace behind to the side of my shoulder – and you stay on the outside of the pavement to shield me from traffic and puddle splashes. You open doors for me to all the shops. You do not go wandering off to do your own thing. You only speak when spoken to. And you respond to me as Mistress at all times. Is that all clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mistress then dropped the bombshell by telling me to put on my plastic pants under my trousers. Now I love wearing my pvc pants around the house but not in public. Anyone who wears them will attest that the tight leg elastic chafes if you do a lot of walking, you sweat profusely and outside in the winter air, the moisture turns cold. What’s more, if they are baggy diaper covers like mine, they ruck up inside jeans and the hard ridges rub the nether regions rather uncomfortably. I mentioned all this to Mistress as we walked. She stopped, looked at me rather sternly and then smiled. “I’m really pleased,” she said. “And we’ll have to punish you for moaning when we get back home won’t we?”

We stopped for coffee and, when we were fixing to leave, I got up and took myself to the gents. When I came back Mistress looked angry.

Before I sat back down she said, loud enough for all nearby to hear, “And where have you been?”

“To the toilet, Mistress,” I mumbled.

“You didn’t ask permission. That’s another black mark.” 

Needless to say, when we got home, I got more of the cane and strap that afternoon. I remember on one occasion trudging to the bedroom to fetch it, almost in tears at the despair of yet more punishment. Well not tears but definitely despair, wondering how long this was going to go on. But while I felt sorry for myself, I never once thought of rebelling an refusing to take the punishment – even though my bottom felt red raw by now.

After the evening meal Mistress instructed me fetch the two Dragon canes plus the paperwork for the research she had requested me carry out (the two recent blog posts) so we could discuss our DD future. I feared the worst.

I had to sit on the naughty stool – it’s a very low child’s stool and very uncomfortable – and read the notes to Mistress. That in itself was daunting in a humiliating way that made me feel like a naughty child, especially when you are well aware than you are going to be caned yet again.

However, it was a very fruitful and frank discussion. We both agreed that our relationship benefitted from DD but that I behaved woefully in what was meant to be a submissive role, caring for Mistress.  But, Mistress said she was more than happy to discipline me if I came up short in my servitude, providing she could see that I was making an effort and not just behaving badly to get a taste of the cane for my own pleasure.

I assured her that a ‘taste of the cane’ when administered in a ‘judicial’ way she normally adopted, had long since been a pleasure that I wanted to indulge.

But Mistress voiced some concern. “I can be as strict as you say you would like me to be – and I’m more than happy with that. But my biggest fear is that you’ll end up rejecting my authority and hate me for constantly being on your case. That’s what it’s going to take to get you behave as a real submissive – and getting you to serve and I wish you to serve. How I want you to behave.  Not how you want to play.
“You are far too headstrong and want to do what you want all the time. If you submit now, you have to beware you are going to be in for a challenging time. And I warn you, if we continue, I’m going to be far stricter from now on than you can ever imagine. If you break the rules I will hurt you. It’s what you need. But are you prepared for what this might entail?”

If I’m honest I was surprised Mistress was so readily willing to throw the gauntlet down like this. “I think we both know that I get caught up in fantasy world but I also think we’ll both benefit from stricter rules Mistress. I certainly won’t hate you or rebel. I think we have to follow this because we’re that far down this road there is no going back anyway.”

What I meant was that while our DD regime might not be perfect, we have something good so it’s sensible in my view that we would want to take what we  have, iron out the faults and move on. For me that was learning to be a better submissive to my love one. Surely, I told myself at least, it was worth the suffering.

Mistress advised me that we wouldn’t lay any hard and fast rules down until after the end of the weekend. After we had seen how our Boot Camp had progressed we would then need to continue the discussion.

With some kind of conclusion reached, at this point I was ordered over the bench, tied down and suffered an intense punishment session of seriously had cane strokes on what was an already sore bottom.

At bedtime I had to wear pvc pants and I was told to stay on my side of the bed – or else. I did as I was told and fell to sleep thinking how lucky I am to have such a fabulous Lady – who can just switch from being such a mild-mannered loving partner to such an authoritarian disciplinarian.  


  1. An excellent final thought to your day--you are indeed tremendously lucky, and your Lady's range of how she chooses to "be" from moment to moment and day to day is admirable!

  2. I do like the punishment of being made to wear the PVC pants outside.

    I also love the idea of the PVC punishments pyjamas. Of course, to add to your discomfort and to increase the punishment, Mistress might consider putting your PVC pyjamas on you, back to front. In itself this is humiliating and also ensures you can't take them off until she explicitly allows it. Finally, and I have been punished in a similar way, you should acquire a pair of rubber riding boots one size too small and only ever to be worn indoors and specifically in bed. Try sleeping a night when you can't flex your ankles! That is punishment indeed.