Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Boot Camp Day Two

For once we lie in bed late, chatting. Strange maybe for Boot Camp but we talked over DD but also discussed other ‘normal’ things too – until the postie banged on the door.

I got dressed and dashed downstairs. My heart sank as he presented me with what looked like a poster tube that had to be signed for. I instantly knew what it contained and, once I’d locked the door, Mistress called down, asking what had been delivered.

I took the tube upstairs and opened it to reveal two new canes I’d ordered at Mistress’ request. I’d not expected such a quick delivery – especially in the middle of Boot Camp.

Mistress had wanted a shorter whippy cane to use when I was bent over the leather pouffe in our lounge. She seemed to enjoy being able to remain seated on the setee, and just reach over to whack my upturned bottom. It was okay if she was using the strap or paddle but the canes we had were all too long and rather than ruin one by cutting it down,  asked me to see if there was something more suitable.
It’s times like that when fantasy rules my head because instead of ordering a short, thin, whippy, conventional rattan cane and making life easy on myself, I opted for synthetic – and I didn’t just buy one, I bought two.

So why synthetic? When I looked at the range of canes offered online and noticed there was a very thin, short synthetic cane that seemed to fulfill Mistress requirements – being 6mm in diameter by only 60cm long.

We bought our Dragon canes from the same company some six years ago and they have done sterling service and are still going strong. The company claimed the synthetic canes offered; “very intense punishment, and are even more severe than our Dragon canes.

Then I thought, I might as well make it a worthwhile order and get a thicker one too and opted for a 10mm diameter one, at 80cm in length - -similar to our thick Dragon cane.

When I opened the tube I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the two canes – with lovely black leather-look covered handles and shafts resembling super-expensive carbon fibre. These look the Formula One of canes.  The thin one was seriously whippy, while the thick one was really heavy but also very whippy if held right at the end of the handle. My throat was dry just handling them.

“On the bed then, face down,” commanded Mistress. “One, I didn’t instruct you to buy anything. I merely said it would be good to have a shorter, whippy cane. You should have asked me first before buying. And two, you bought two canes when I only suggested one.”

The next few moments confirmed that synthetic canes are indeed very dense and very stingy. Upon my word! I’ve been caned quite a bit over the years but I’ve never felt anything like this. I could tell Mistress wasn’t packing any real weight into the strokes but the sting was incredible. It’s hard to describe but if you imagine for a moment a quite severe conventional cane stroke: there’s the intense biting sting as it connects, with all the pain concentrated into that narrow line - plus a secondary sting that seems diffuse into your bottom flesh over a wider area, leaving you with a warm after glow across both buttocks.

But the synthetic cane. Oh my god. The initial sting is so incredibly biting and is followed by a deep painful sting that just stays focused in one line and seems to burn deep into the flesh. And it seems that the intensity of sting just lingers on and on. It really is impressively painful.

The thinnest cane is a real biter while the thicker one has added thud, but is still way more stingy than any other cane we possess – which is strange from something so dense and heavy.

Honestly? They are both hellish – but at the same time excitingly different from the perspective of a masochist.

However, Mistress wasn’t hitting me that hard and I’ve no idea how I’d cope with a full force punishment from either of these canes. Let’s just say as far as a deterrent goes, I think we now have two punishments canes I both fear and respect in Mistress’ hands.

And all this before getting up for breakfast.

There was no let up in the discipline all day – and the thin synthetic cane got plenty of use – thankfully not full force, but still enough to smart. Each session had me panting and puffing, almost on the verge of tears.

I had work to do and chores to do and Mistress kept me at it all day long, any shortcomings dealt with swiftly. And for the second day running I was in PVC ‘uniform’ all day. Bedtime, the pants stayed on too, covering my now very bruised, swollen bottom

That evening Mistress asked: “So how do you feel about DD now?”

“I’m a little scared Mistress, if I’m being honest. Scared of the consequences of you having total control and being too strict with me. I’m not sure I can cope – but I’ll not hate you for it as you seem to think.”
“Well it’s what you’ve been saying what you want. But I’m pleased to hear that.”

“Mistress, may I ask why?”

“You may. When you are scared you become vulnerable and I like you like that. You need caring for. I’ve seen how vulnerable you have been today, like a small child at times. I think you need the discipline.”

That surprised me. I’d never have thought of it like that. So Mistress was enjoying being my disciplinarian, which then gave her the opportunity to show her love for me by caring for me?

Then she asked: “How do you think our regime has benefit you these past two days?”

I replied that I thought it was quite surprising how she had helped me focus on my work. I’d been able to focus 100% in working hours – and in the hours she had allowed me to continue working, outside of the regular 9-5. Normally I find it hard to concentrate on work for long period and end up drifting onto other things. My time-management had been perfect. I also explained how it had helped focus on the things I needed to do for Mistress and the household chores I had to complete.

When I said this Mistress smiled and said: “That’s good then. We seem to have something to build on.”

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  1. You feeling a little scared and your Lady enjoying the vulnerability that produces in you--I couldn't have put it more elegantly or succinctly. What a world of relationship possibilities that opens up! On-going felicitations for the important work the two of you are doing.