Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bedtime DD discussion

I’ve escaped the cane for a few days now. The last time I was punished was over a week ago for being disrespectful to Mistress, who said I was so out of order that I earned myself six black marks straight off. Six black marks equals 36 strokes of the cane. And she administered the punishment caning on the spot – some strokes with the thin Dragon, some with that awful thick synthentic cane.

It wasn’t pleasant. Mistress is continuing to maintain a very severe line with me, but it was totally justified and I willingly accepted my fate.

Since then things have been on an even keel, though I’m honest enough to acknowledge that’s partly due to both of us having spent time working away. When I’ve been at home though I’ve taken great care to see that most of my chores are done and, more importantly, I’ve been paying plenty of attention to Mistress and her needs.

Neither of us have commented on our DD regime much in recent days, although Mistress did warn me in bed this morning that I had better watch my step because she had noticed my behaviour slipping again.

Mistress had been restless in bed all night and it was about 5.00am when she suddenly said: “Did you put the bin out last night?”

My heart sunk.

“No Mistress. I forgot.”

“Well, off you go then.”

I thought better than to argue and wearily got out of bed, got dressed and went to put the waste bin out as instructed. I’m not sure what the neighbours must have thought if they heard at the wheels clattering down the drive at the unearthly hour, but I suspect Mistress might have had a wry grin as she savoured the power she has over me.

When I got back to the bedroom, I remembered to ask permission to get back into bed, which was duly granted. But then, as I snuggled warm again, Mistress added: “I did notice that the washing wasn’t done before we came to bed last night.”

My stomach churned as I half expected the next instruction would be to either go and do the washing up or fetch the cane – or even worse I’d be awarded two black marks, one for the bin, one for the washing up. 

But maybe Mistress was less awake than I thought and I escaped both.

We were cuddled up close and I’m sure Mistress was able to feel my racing heart and ragged breathing.

But then she added: “I’m not happy with you. You know the rules, yet you are starting to slacken again. You are such a naughty boi and you know what will happen if you don’t buck your ideas up?”

“Yes Mistress.”

With that, I was pushed away to the other side of our king-size bed to allow Mistress space to settle. As she drifted back to sleep I was left wide awake on the very edge of the bed, wondering how long it would be before Mistress reacquainted my poor bottom with the cane.


  1. Sorry darling boi, Im only a ditzy sissy, but even I can see a problem with the statenent: "I've taken great care to see that most of my chores are done..." most of them, really ? (Just teasing :) )
    lill jo


  2. I know. It's bad isn't it? If you read on you'll discover why I said that. I could hardly say I was on top of my chores when Mistress picked me up on not putting the bin out and not doing the washing up. Up until the last few days, I have been a good sub.

  3. So why are we slacking?
    Because you can or because you want?
    I know from experience that you boys will keep testing boundaries and some deeper need of the cane will eventually overwin the fear of it. Slipping back into your old self may be a way of preventing the DD lifestyle to become boring?

    1. Honestly? I don't think it was either. Just a lot of outside influences and the chores got put to one side to deal with other stuff. And come midnight, I needed to get some sleep. I think a few years ago the honest answer was a deeper need of the cane. But Mistress punishes now to a level that there's no pleasure to be drawn from CP so I certainly don't deliberately entice her to cane me anymore. Quite the contrary. It's an interesting question about whether it's a way of preventing our DD lifestyle from becoming boring. I guess you mean if it's all servitude do I get fed up with it? I find it frustrating doing all the chores if Mistress is not being the strict HoH with me. I know I shouldn't feel that way and I'm ashamed to admit it. I should do the chores willingly because it means Mistress doesn't have to.