Thursday, 30 January 2014

Punishment and pvc pyjamas

Our DD regime is back on track like never before. It’s hard to put a finger on what exactly happened to change things so dramtically, because it’s been a bit of a whirlwind in our home since Christmas, with Mistress running a much stricter household.

In anything, it’s still me letting the side down by dissenting against the discipline code. Regulars to this blog will know his is nothing new but Mistress, to her credit, has started to come down hard on me when I’ve become the slightest bit rebellious and made me rue the folly of my bad attitude.
It’s uncanny how close we are at the moment it terms of our everyday relationship - and the only thing I can really say that’s changed is more attention to DD, which has in turn, spiced up our lives.

It’s all too easy to be complacent in a relationship. Typically, after work we had fallen into a very ordinary routine of making the evening meal, watching TV with very little conversation and then going to bed – often at different times with Mistress invariably in bed and asleep way before I venture upstairs.

But things are now very different. The discipline regime means Mistress is constantly reviewing my behavior. I’m constantly aware that I’m being scrutinized. I suppose you could say it gives us both a degree of focus but what it’s really done is spice up our home life in general and, what’s really interesting, is that we talk more. Of course, the conversation is often DD related – but we also spend a lot more time discussing other things too, which is rather nice. 

And even when we are quietly immersed in a TV programme, my relaxation is often rudely interrupted with the words, “I think it’s time for you to fetch the whip.” We then have a discussion about my faults that have annoyed Mistress and I am summarily punished.

Recently we were both going to bed when Mistress took a grim view after I made one of my flippant remarks. “Fetch the whip – now,” she commanded. I did so and was told lie face down on the bed where I got a couple of dozen swift cuts from the cane.

I thought I took them rather well but once we got into bed Mistress said: “I’m a bit worried about your discipline. It seems that I’m not being severe enough with you.”

“But you hurt me when you cane me – and it helps with my discipline.”

“I meant that your continued lack of a disciplined behaviour. You get away with far too much and it seems when I do punish you, it’s not enough of a deterrent. I don’t want to have to constantly cane you – though I’m sure you’d loved that. I need to know how we are going to move this forward so that we have an effective deterrent and you start behaving as a good submissive should – and starting thinking more how to please me. You have years of this discipline experience. We need to sort this out.”

“But Mistress that’s not really the case. I occasionally saw a professional disciplinarian. That wasn’t like being punished for real. It was just satisfying my ‘need’ for the cane.

In that situation you are always in control. And that’s the extent of my corporal punishment experience. What you are doing is like asking me to tell you how to punish me more severely and things you should do to improve my behavior, when surely that’s down to you?”

I was worried I’d overstepped the mark, questioning Mistress and, sure enough,  the response was very curt.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. “I want you to write down why you feel the need for the cane, why you tell me you don’t actually like being caned and, why you always claim that it’s important to have a level of severity when you are punished. None of it makes sense at the moment.

“I also want you to do some research into how other couples who live this so called, ‘domestic discipline lifestyle.’ maintain proper discipline. No fantasy stuff. I want real facts.

“I also want a list of other corporal punishment options – and I want a list of non-corporal punishments options. Again, I don’t want your wildest fantasies. I want a list of real-world methods others use. Then we can sit down and discuss which ones I feel will work for us.

 “Yes Mistress.”

It wasn’t a prospect I was going to relish but it was a task I had to perform. It was rather nice, though, laying there, cuddled up in bed, having this conversation. Even though Mistress was quite assertive and I was really enjoying the feeling of submission, with my bottom still burning from the earlier whacking, we were hugged together in a loving embrace.

The post-caning excitement was still there too, with my nether regions protected from Mistress by my pvc punishment pants. I don’t normally wear them at night, but as we both jumped into bed straight after the punishment, I’d kept them on.

I thought we’d finished talking about DD when Mistress suddenly said: “I think it was a good idea you coming to bed with those pants on. At least you don’t dribble over me or my side of the bed like you normally do. In fact I think – as an extra punishment -  you should be wearing your pvc pyjamas.
I chuckled loudly at the thought of sleeping, fully clad in pvc. The idea was silly. Wasn’t it?

Mistress read my dissent correctly. “No, I’m serious,” she said. “Go and get them on.  I want you laying there, sweating, thinking about everything that I’ve said. And I don’t want you near me. You stay on your side of the bed. Touch me with that cold pvc and you are in big trouble.”

So I spent an uncomfortable night clad in pvc pyjamas. I love wearing them and my other PVC and rubber wear – but on my terms – usually in evenings relaxing. Trying to get some sleep in the sticky pvc proved virtually impossible. My brain was racing about the thought of our ever-intensifying DD. Plus I was sweating so profusely inside the pvc that I’d throw off my side of the duvet to cool down. Then the damp sweat turned cold so I was now freezing. A remembered a contact on FetLife telling me he spends every night wrapped in pvc clothing bondage at the behest of his dominant wife – but this once was enough for me.

I lie there for hours, alternating between being too hot and too cold, daring not to move too much for fear of waking Mistress.

At five in the morning she was, indeed, finally woken by the rustling pvc as I tossed and turned trying to get comfortable and sleep.

Instead of being angry at waking so early, she said: “You can take it off now. Did you enjoy the experience?”

“Thank you Mistress. No, I didn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t sleep Mistress.”

“Oh, I’m so pleased. That’ll be a very effective alternative punishment I can use in future then, wont it? I think you need to make me a list of all the pvc clothing in the wardrobe that will make suitable punishment sleepwear.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Satisfied with my subdued, but respectful response, Mistress turned over and went back to sleep while I got up, stripped off the pvc and then went to the shower to wash off the rivers of sweat before re-joining her in bed.

It had been quite a night and, as I lie there, I contemplated how the fantasy world I had embraced for so long, was becoming more and more a rather intense reality – and how Mistress was really beginning to exploit her dominance in our relationship. And, at that moment, despite being deprived of a good night’s sleep, I could not have felt more content.

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