Monday, 6 January 2014

(non) Effective caning methods

My New Year’s Eve caning was an altogether different experience. Tied face down, flat on our new victorian-style bench allowed Mistress to cane me hard from both sides – allowing her to even out the marks on both bottom cheeks, instead of marking the right one heavier than the left. It’s something that’s annoyed her for a while.

I could tell from the whoosh and impact of the cane she was laying on the strokes quite hard but, strangely, her efforts were having little effect on me – where a similar large amount of strokes while bent over the bench we used to use would have had me begging for it to all end like a whimpering child.

On the contrary I was actually enjoying the experience and far from being a punishment, I was deriving such pleasure that I though if she doesn’t stop soon, I’m going to make a bit of a mess!

Mistress was quite annoyed not to have solicited any reaction from me – which is ironic since normally she’s constantly telling me to hush my moaning.

What’s more, where cane strokes normally leave ugly deep red and black weals, my bottom was covered only in in a red hue with mere hints of stripes.

Immediately afterwards we discussed exactly why the cane was suddenly having such little effect and the only explanation was, one, perhaps laying flat allows the buttocks to be more relaxed and soak up the pain and two, Mistress’ impeccable technique of flicking the wrist to accentuate the cane’s movement when swinging the cane to contact my bent over bottom was being impaired by this new downward motion demanded by my prone position?

After my New Year’s Eve caning things moved on. Mistress promised an extra strict few days to continue to drive the new disciplinary methods home so I was had to be on my best behavior.

It’s certainly helped my focus on Mistress’ needs but despite my best efforts my bottom was getting rather bruised from repeated impromptu paddlings and canings.

Each issue was dealt with on the spot with me bent over touching my toes for a few hard whacks of the paddle, or, on one occasion, the crop. I also got another hard dose of the cane laying flat on the bed with my bottom raised only by a pillow.

By Friday, January 3 though Mistress was getting annoyed as it seemed no matter what she did to discipline me, she really wasn’t getting through and that night in bed she asked me to explain what I felt was wrong.

“It seems my discipline is not having effect. I want to know why,” she said.

“But Mistress, you’re asking me to sign my own fate. If I say what I feel, I get to suffer even worse punishment.”

“If you don’t, I’ll beat you so hard and for so long you really will not be in a fit state to sit down,” she said curtly. “We need to sort this, otherwise any efforts to instill some real discipline is going to be wasted. You have the years of CP experience to draw from. I’m still learning remember.”

I took a big gulp and offered my views, knowing full well that if Mistress really took any notice I would be suffering in future, just as I used to every Thursday during maintenance punishment.

“I think the issue is partly position, partly technique and partly mindset Mistress. I think, for whatever reason, the cane is more effective delivered to a taught bottom than one that is more relaxed. I also think you use the cane differently in a downward motion to how you use it when I’m bent over. I know you are hitting hard because I can feel the thud, but it’s not even close to hurting me. In fact that last session this morning I was on the verge of a climax as each impact made my hips thrust forward.

“It’s almost like we’ve gone back to erotic spanking games,” I continued. “The spankings are all very brief. It almost feels like you are too worried about hurting me – or marking my bottom. You didn’t have that mindset when you were caning me the day the stool broke!

“I hope you don’t mind me saying Mistress. But you did ask.”

“I did and I’m grateful because we need to move forward and what’s been happening is not working for either of us.”

“I agree Mistress. I didn’t like my weekly maintenance canings. In fact I hated them. I know I’m fond of the cane but I used to be really nervous coming home knowing it was our discipline night.

I know I’m sexually excited before being caned but I’ve never during it since we adopted out DD regime – until this past few days. I used to be scared about you caning me and that’s what makes it a good disciplinary tool, don’t you think?”

“I do and you definitely need discipline. I think we both know how to progress now. Goodnight.”  
With that, Mistress rolled over and went to sleep while I lay there contemplating my fate. 

The real positive in all this has been how we’ve connected again over the festive period but clearly, we still have some work to do to find the happy medium. On the one hand, I’m quite worried that Mistress will revert to her old effective style and that we’ll be back to really severe punishments.

However, I think we’re both aware that without a degree of severity any attempts to pursue a DD regime will be wasted because its that ‘fear element’ that makes corporal punishment an effective disciplinary tool. And no mater how much of a masochist one might be, there comes a point when a well laid on cane becomes a very effective means of attitude adjustment.

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