Friday, 8 November 2013

Rubber mackintoshes and patent boots

Firstly, I must apologise for not updating this blog in the last week or so. It's not that nothing has happened. In fact we've been intensely active on the DD front. But my computer has been playing up and it's been difficult to stay on line for more than a few minutes before it crashes!

As soon as it's fixed we'll be back to reveal all. In the meantime, this is something I prepared last week and never got around to posting. While I'm on line I thought I'd post it now before despatching the computer to the engineer to fix the glitch that's been playing havoc with my internet connection for several weeks now.

There’s not many of us who would trade the winter months for summer sunshine although there are some benefits to be had from the colder, wetter climate we have to endure.

It’s an excuse to be out and about in long boots and protective rainwear.

Mistress has a fabulous collection of boots, including several delicious pairs of over the knee patent ones. Among her massive collection are some really nice brown-topped, black riding boots, lovely rich burgundy patent knee boots etc etc. She even has a fab pair of Hunter wellies.

How many pairs of boots does a girl need? As many as possible I’d say and the real bonus is that not only do I get to see her wearing them, it’s also my job to help her put them on, take them of – and ensure they are always clean.

Mistress is a bit lacking in the rainwear collection. Well, in my humble opinion she is. In her wardrobe are all manner of modern rain coats and jackets but as far as proper traditional raincoats, she has a couple of shiny PVC rain jackets and has just bought a really nice shiny black PU trenchcoat. It’s wonderfully stylish but not rainproof.

So she could still do with a really good quality raincoat – the jackets are good but her legs get wet during heavy rain so we’re looking at a more traditional mackintosh.

I’m trying to persuade her that she needs an SBR trenchcoat – the only really true waterproof rainwear. Three requirements of a new mackintosh are, it has to be waterproof (and not just ‘showerproof’), it has to keep her legs dry too and has to have a built-in hood. The only place we can see to buy an SBR mackintosh is Weathervain in London – but the costs are prohibitive.

We’re also looking at a PU trenchcoat from Rainmac in Midhurst but neither of us are convinced it will keep out the rain as good as her vintage heavy PVC rain coats.

Since summer broke and the rains came, I’ve also taken to wearing traditional rainwear. As regular readers will know, we have a wardrobe full of rubber and pvc clothing, including several really old PVC mackintoshes which I only wear as housecoats. And my inhibitions don’t allow me to feel comfortable wearing some of this totally suitable waterproof clothing in public.

I do possess a really top quality, single-breasted SBR mackintosh and a rather nice DKNY raincoat which has a latex-rubber look finish though is actually PVC, both that I bought to wear in public – but until recently I rarely have.

However, it seems I’m finally on the way to overcoming my self-conscious feelings of wearing a mackintosh in public and since the weather has turned I’ve not only worn both of them (at different times – I’m not layering as some rainwear fans like to do), I’ve also worn two shiny black PVC, one a jacket and the other a slightly longer raincoat that makes the most outrageously loud schlocky sounds as I walk.

The one thing I’ve not fully embraced is wearing them in our home town – but I did venture out in the more conventional DKNY raincoat recently and felt great.

As I’ve said before I’ve always felt there is a stigma attached to men wearing shiny black raincoats (I blame the era I was brought up in). What changed recently was seeing a chap on the London underground wearing a yellow PVC storm coat, zipped up to the neck, and blue wellies – on a late summer’s  day when there was no clouds in the sky. But I didn’t notice anyone paying any more attention to him than usual.

There may have been a reasonable explanation for his mode of dress but Mistress and I both agreed that if he was the rainwear enthusiast he appeared to us to be, then jolly good luck to him.  And Mistress said at the time, “if he can dress like that, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t wear your raincoats in public, is there?”

And it’s been a great pleasure wearing them, especially the times when I’ve been out with Mistress who is similarly PVC clad. Though I’ve also been out and about, wearing them on my own.

Now, I don’t go anywhere without one of my mackintoshes being in the car because I aim to make maximum use of my rainwear collection and derive maximum pleasure from what ever the winter weather throws at us  


  1. This is wonderful news, I knew you'd get there in the end.

    I could not agree more with your comment that nobody notices! We do, but that is because shiny rubber macs are special to us.

    Just think of it this way, do you notice a lady or a chap wearing a particular item of clothing unless you are "interested" in it? No.

    As a consequence, anyone who notices you, and is even more bold, and comments on you wearing a mac and boots in public, is almost definition keen on what you are wearing.

    My experience with Beverly is a perfect example.

    I'd been wearing my stuff in public, my own choice and that of others, for some while now and have only ever had nice comments - typically from ladies.

    The next step surely must be that Mistress requires you to wear a mac at a time you don't want to.

    I have had this experience and it is exquisite in the humiliation and the pleasure in equal measure.

    At the vert least you should be required to wear an SBR mac belted and buckled but to not be allowed to undo it when you go, for instance, into a coffee shop. Mistress sitting enjoying her coffee with you wearing a mac, boots and fully belted and buckled will most certainly let you, and those in the know around you, who is in charge.

    And of course, you must find a way to get Mistress an SBR mac. Just don't be tempted by the cheap stuff you see online that comes from India, they are hideous, lacking any style and you'll be jolly disappointed.

    Keep us all posted and good luck!


  2. Peter, thanks for the comments. Aopologies for so long in replaying. Computer issues old chap. Your coffee shop suggestion will be passed on to Mistress. It’s one of the rules of me keeping this blog that I do this. It’s up to her if she takes up the idea. Personally, I fear she will.