Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mistress announces new DD regime

This morning I was punished, quite severely. My faults included not ‘spring cleaning the kitchen cupboards yesterday as ordered, not getting out of bed when ordered and failing to showing Mistress enough respect over the past two days.

As I dried my eyes and put the cane and bench away, Mistress informed me we were going out to lunch and would be having a ‘chat’.

“I no longer see the need for maintenance punishment every Thursday,” said Mistress calmly between coffee sips. “I no longer want to have to force myself to do something on a set day if I’m not in the mood for it.”

Mistress took me aback with her statement. But she was far from finished.

“From now on, I’m going to punish you as and when I feel it necessary. If that means you are caned every day then so be it. It may mean you won’t be caned for weeks. Either way I decide when the cane is used. And I hope that we’ll have to use it less in future as you become better behaved. It’s entirely up to you.

“We have domestic discipline because you need it and I don’t see the value where you can misbehave every day and then feel like you’ve wiped the slate clean each Thursday with a maintenance punishment.

“In future I want to see real improvement in your attitude, in your work within the house and in your respect for me. And when I don’t feel you are up to scratch, then I will cane you.

“And,” she added as afterthought, but a very telling one, “if I’m in a bad mood, then I’ll cane you anyway - purely for my pleasure.”

It was a daunting thought, though my mind was racing with the ramifications of no maintenance. But she hadn’t finished.

“In future you will keep a record of any instances you think you have failed to measure up and you will report them to me. However, I shall also be keeping track of your behavior. It will be entirely my decision when you are punished. I think you’ve been far too controlling in our (DD) relationship and from now on I am taking control.”

There was silence.

“Your thoughts?”

I’m never happier than when Mistress is in charge and this sounded like she was taking real control. But I was scared at the prospect. She was right, at least with maintenance I could prepare myself. Now, it could happen at any time – as this morning’s punishment had showed.

“I’m surprised you don’t think we need the Thursday appointment but I understand why you wish to cancel it," I said. "And I’m delighted you feel a need to take control. I thought you were in control but I’m happy with what ever decision you make Mistress. Purely as a devil’s advocate question though, how important do you think it is for us to have a DD regime?”

I received a very dark stare.

“I think it is very important. You seem to possess a self-destruct button where you become more and more arrogant and selfish, the longer you go without me correcting you. I look at you sometimes and think how rude you are. A good caning takes you down a peg or two. So, yes, I think the cane keeps you in line and I can definitely see the difference for a few days  - but then you lose track again. I wasn’t sure when we started this if it wasn’t purely for your pleasure. In  fact, I'm sure it was. But I’m afraid you really do need regular discipline and hopefully, over time, you will learn.”

“Yes Mistress. But isn’t there a danger without maintenance we’ll just slip into doing nothing like we have done before?”

“Unfortunately for you, there isn’t.” She gave me a wry grin. “As I said, in the past you just misbehaved and were happy to have the slate cleaned. Forget your place now and you’ll be punished straight away so you have better be on your best behavior at all times. That’s the difference. This is going to be full time now, not when you feel like it. I’m not having you controlling the situation any more. You’ll get set tasks, on top of chores you have. You wanted us to live a full-time FLR. Well now we are going to. Do you understand?”

“I do Mistress. Thank you.”

“I think our little break helped put us back on track and the training this past week or so has helped but I want your submissive attitude to become second nature. We’ll continue your training for another week and then re-assess the situation.”


  1. I trust you enjoyed the morning caning. In the ebb and flow of FLR we have frequently abandoned Maintenance days and adopted "on the spot" punishments and then gone back to maintenance days. Good luck witn the new plan.

  2. One of my wife's wonderful realizations was that it doesn't have to be either/or. I receive weekly maintenance (postponed if circumstances require). However, if she judges a misbehavior on my part warrants it, she canes or paddles me right then, plus gives me extras on the next maintenance day. While the intensity of the maintenance varies to suit her, it is always enough that I don't want to add to it, nor risk having two punishments within a day or two of each other. I think I'd actually be in more danger of feeling "clean slated" if the only punishment I got was in the immediate aftermath.

    On the other hand, we both feel out of sorts when travel or whathaveyou puts more than an extra week between maintenance sessions. If your wife sometimes feels a maintenance session is an unwanted chore, or an undue expectation of her, then I'm glad to hear she's changing things to suit her.

    I think the self-reporting requirement combines well with the "on the spot" punishment. That reinforces it is your own behavior choices which bring on the cane. I hope you'll strive first to be honest with that, not give in to the hope of getting away with something and thus seem less committed to your wife's vision of your FLR. Good luck, and continued thanks for the updates.

  3. I am in a FLR as you are. However we are not married nor do we live together so instant punishment is much harder to accomplish. Since i just started following your blog i was surprised to see the many blogs you follow. Does your wife allow you that much free time or are they carryovers from long ago?

    Your Mistress seems like an old school style Woman who understands the benefits of a well structured, rule based relationship. i know from my point of view i need that level of discipline. You seem well on your way of recieving that as well.

    Good luck.


  4. Michael: I can’t say that the word ‘enjoyable’ could describe how I felt during that punishment. ‘Chastised’ would be a better one. It is fascinating how we all seem to have our ups and downs with our DD lifestyles – but then every relationships ‘ebbs and flows’ so why should DD be any different?

    WhMs: I think it’s all positive that Mistress is taking more control, in fact complete control. Easy to say it now but I probable did have too much say in how our DD lifestyle was developing. I will indeed be honest with my self-reporting. Without honesty we have nothing.

    a335ec30-09a4-11e2-8e98-000f20980440: I don’t have that much free time and yes, the blog roll contains many from past times. We have several favourites which are a constant source of inspiration, while others are kept on the blogroll for the occasional quick reference. Mistress does have several old-school ideas and has blossomed as a strict disciplinarian.

  5. I think this is an excellent step forward in your relationship. Mistress has obviously become aware of your tendency to subtlely control aspects of the FLR, and has now taken complete control herself. I applaud her decision to change from scheduled maintenance to "as needed" punishment, as well as her decision to make it a full time D/s relationship. I know you agree with her decision right now, but it should be interesting to see if what you've wished for is as exciting in reality as it was when you were just dreaming about it. If Mistress is truly the disciplinarian you think she is, you might be in for some eye opening surprises as her plans for your "behavior modification" unfurl. I wish you both well.

    1. Lady Grey, Thank you for your comments. I will pass them on to Mistress if she doesn’t read this herself. Now I’ve had more time to consider Mistresses comments I too realise it is the right move. I had been too controlling. Now it seems, I finally have no control. Like you say though, the reality might be something very different to the ‘fantasy’ and if Mistress does become the disciplinarian I think she has it in herself to be, then I could be facing a very sobering, but satisfying experience.