Tuesday, 22 October 2013

FLR training

As a follow-up to our post, ‘The Cane as a Sex Subsituate’, Hannah Jay, the wife of ‘A Man in My Position’, kindly e-mailed me after I quoted their blog in the updates.

She said: “If you read our blog you will see that we have evolved to where we are now. j has accepted the fact that he has no say over our sexual life and that I only rarely want penetration (and almost never want his mess in me - maybe once a year but I honestly forget the last time j was actually allowed to ejaculate in me.) I don't mind giving him strokes - say ten thrusts - but then out he goes and he is almost never allowed to come after strokes.

“And I find I enjoy giving j a good caning as much or more than having sex with him. But that is not to say I don't enjoy his oral service regularly.

“By all means please put this and anything else you enjoy up on your blog...with your wife's permission of course.”

The post struck a chord with me since it sounds very similar to our lifestyle, though Hannah Jay has put the point across far more eloquently.

I read the email to Mistress who gave a wry smile and said: “There’s a Lady who knows how to keep a man in his place – and a man who knows his place.”
“Yes Mistress.”

“But we’re getting there with you aren’t we boi?” The word boi is rarely used but was said with real emphasis and came with a very strict stare. “It’s just a long process and you do so disappoint me sometimes.” Her smile returned.

I feel like I’m in training at the moment. Every day fresh tasks are assigned. Any time I lose myself doing something, Mistress wants to know what I’m up to – reminding me of my obligations to her. I’m teetering on the edge of being disciplined. It’s very tense but is offering a curious excitement to our lives.

Each morning in bed we embrace but that’s as far is it goes. I’m pushed away when I become a little too amorous – and warned not to dribble. I’m reminded to do so is now a caning offence.

It’s hard not to be amorous. I feel really close to Mistress right now, cuddled up with her, me with my head level with her breast. It’s my default position I adopt when I’m feeling really submissive.

Somehow I’ve escaped the cane so far this week – but it is only Tuesday – and only a matter of time.

Mistress is challenging me in every way. If this is how she wants our FLR then I have to say it’s delightful.

When I got out of bed this morning she inspected the stripes from the last thrashing and was delighted, yet a little disappointed, they are still very visible, especially on my right side were I can still feel the knotted mess when I sit down.

I get the feeling that she’s only waiting for the angry blackness to give her a clean canvas to decorate. And understanding her current mood, that might not be such a pleasant experience for me – but I’m sure one that Mistress will relish.


  1. I would be in for a steep, painful learning curve if my Mistress decided to make dribbling a caning offense. I often wish I better understood just how she feels while punishing me, but of course it's most important that I keep growing my own acceptance and gratitude for it.

    The sense of 'forward motion' and the excitement of being in active training are very evident in your post, and very contagious! Enjoy the ride, and thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. WhMs: It was a somewhat of a shock to me to hear Mistress says she would punish me if I dribbled! Like you, it could be a painful learning curve. Interesting you wondering what Mistress feels while punishing you. I often used to feel the same. It was only recently Mistress said that she took great delight in seeing me struggle. I didn’t mention it in the post ‘Arrogance Punished’ but Mistress landed a lot of strokes at the crease between me thighs and bottom. I mention this last night and she said, she was deliberately aiming for the spot because she knows how tender it is there. I think that says a lot about what she feels! Being ‘in training’ is a delightful, yet challenging experience.