Sunday, 15 September 2013

Severity caning

With Mistress away for a girlie weekend, I took the opportunity last night to indulge in an evening of catching up on my favourite blogs and watching some CP clips and came across several involving Madame Catarina (

To my mind, these are a lot more BDSM than straightforward discipline but the severity of this stunning-looking Lady is captivating so I stuck with it – all in the name of research!

The first began with a male sub bound in a standing position to a punishment triangle (

He suffers an incredible thrashing, which starts with a thick, but horribly flexible cane. Madame then switches to a fearsome-looking, long tapered cane with a really whippy end to it.  Where does she obtain these wonderful canes?

I lose count how many strokes she inflicts but they are all full force – many applied with a very unusual style of following through the stroke in a slicing action. I cannot comprehend how painful it must have been on the receiving end.

Throughout it all, the hapless male writhes in agony but somehow keeps some kind of self control that is admirable under such circumstances

I ask myself many times through his punishment session whether I could put myself through such torment. In my fantasy world of course I’d love to experience it but realise I’d create such a fuss under such terrible torment and end up begging for it to stop.

It seems like no matter what she throws at her sub, he does his best to soak it up, although it’s patently obvious how much she’s hurting him and his bottom is a bloody mess by the time she’s finished.

The second clip ( looks far more to my taste with the scene opening with the sub being strapped down to a caning bench.

But while Madame doesn’t put anything like the same force into the strokes, the poor male quickly starts whimpering and crying out.

The casual voyeur might think him a wimp for breaking down so early, but I empathise with him because I realize that this pitiful behavior is me when I’m caned by Mistress.

The difference is I get a mere 36 strokes and this poor sub is getting what seems like hundreds! And this Madame canes his thighs, calves and feet. Plus, as the 42 minute clip unfolds, the strokes get harder and harder, to the point where his trying to crawl off the bench in despair. His sobs and rapid breathing testify to the severity of the punishment and his suffering.

I wonder if one reaches a point during a punishment like this where the suffering level just flat lines? Like the poor sub in the second clip, I begin to start really struggling with the level of pain after six strokes. Each subsequent stroke seems to hurt as badly from that point. There is no respite. But if, for example, Mistress continued to cane me would the pain be any worse after say 72 strokes than 36? Or is the level of suffering simply prolonged?

One thing I’ve never subscribed to, and these two clips prove, is that the bottom becomes numb after a certain number of strokes. I always feel every stingy stroke. Maybe it’s different with a more bruising paddle or hairbrush? Or maybe it is indeed a myth?

I know there clips are made with a professional Dominatrix and the subs are well trained but what I found most interesting was how the two responded so differently to their respective punishments.

I’ve seen clips where the subs take severe beatings from the hardest caners (in the world of professional disciplinarians) without a sound and then jump off the bench with a big happy grin.  Each to their own but I’ve always thought of corporal punishment as a corrective process and therefore there has to be some suffering for it to be effective.

Again, I realize these clips are made by professionals, purely for money, and not the kind of  real disciplinary punishments that we might experience in our DD regimes.  But they look like real canings, just the same. Only the midset of the payers is different perhaps? Or not?

Within our DD regime, I’d like to take the cane stoically, in a way that befits my ‘manhood’  but the fact is, by the time Mistress has punished me, I’ve made far too much noise, my face is tear-stained, my breathing is all over the place and I’m sweating profusely.

I’m not proud of the state I get in – and I find it very humbling for Mistress to see me this way - but at least there’s always the resolve to try harder to maintain some self-control next time.

There’s also a resolve at that moment to try much harder to please Mistress in future, because at that moment the last thing you ever want to do is experience that kind of beating again. But isn’t that what makes caning such an effective corrective measure?

Of course, time is a great healer and the problem with us males is that very soon your resolve fades and we find yourself over stepping the mark once more. And then, of course, the whole painful experience starts again.



  1. Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff. You obviously had too much time on your hands and should consider reporting yourself to your wife. (As I will do of course!)

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