Friday, 13 September 2013

Mistress issues a warning

Two (or is it now three?) weeks since my reintroduction to the cane and I’ve not received any kind of corporal punishment  since.

I'd like to think I've turned a corner in my attitude and behaviour but sadly that’s not the case.

However,  there is a good reason for the lack of any follow-up maintenance punishments. I hurt my back doing the gardening so I’ve been having treatment from the physio rather than Mistress.

But there’s plenty happening. Mistress has been constantly reminding me that this time, the lack of corporal punishment is only temporary and that as soon as I’m able to touch toes again, I’ll be over the bench.

Several times she’s hinted as much but tonight she laid the cards on the table with the kind of authority that makes me shudder with excitement – and fear.

“I thought you might try a little harder to please me in little ways since you are excused the major chores but you can’t even do that,” she said with a very strong hint of sarcasm, when she came home and realized her tea wasn’t quite ready.

“You had better get yourself in the right frame of mind for when you are better because we’re going to go about things in the very different way. You’re going to think more about me and less about you. And I’m no longer standing for any nonsense from you. Do you understand boy?”

She raised her voice for that last sentence and paused briefly before delivering the final word.

“Yes Mistress.”

She’s never called me boy like that before. Especially with such emphasis on the word. Mistress often uses the term with affection, or in a joking manner, especially when her mother is around. But she’s never looked me in the eye and talked down to me, like I was, well I might as well say it - a naughty boy.

It added a real poignancy to the lecture and stopped me in my tracks.

My usual, ‘Yes Mistress,’ responses feel forced, like playing games but on this occasion I found myself dropping my head to avert direct eye contact , and mumbling ‘Yes Mistress’ with a degree of submission I’ve never previously put into such responses.

I might be overstating the case, and reading too much into it as us submissives tend to, but I’ve got a feeling that this might have been a very significant moment in our FLR. 

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  1. If she sees you as a boy, as in servant, then that could take you down one avenue to the whip or she might see you as the naughty boy, in which case it might be short trousers and hairbrush. Good luck either way.