Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mistress and her ‘Boi’

Mistress and I had a couple of days away at the weekend. No phones. No outside pressures. Just us two - and Loopy Johnny.

It’s an effective little whip that has quite a sting too it but makes very little noise. It’s ideal for hotel rooms. I got three doses, two in the evening and one first thing I the morning after not jumping out of bed quickly enough to make Mistress her cup of tea.

A couple of dozen hard and fast swipes each time had me wriggling around but it’s nothing like the cane.

We also touched on DD discussions several times during the course of our weekend, Mistress quite annoyed by the fact I wasn’t picking up on her authoritarian attitude at one stage.

I was driving and failed to pick up on throwaway comment that, ‘I’d like to stop there,’ as we passed a tearoom.

I carried on driving and nothing was said for several miles. In fact Mistress finally broke the ice a good 15-20 minutes later when she suddenly said, “why are you so stroppy this morning? You do seem to be paying me any attention at all.”

It was quite obvious that Mistress was quite annoyed with me. I asked what was wrong and Mistress said she was fed up with me not acting on her wishes.

It was only then I realised then that I’d failed to read the message, ‘I’d like’, actually meant ‘I want’ and that had created the tension.

I feel that if we lived the DD lifestyle 24/7 there would never be an issue with my submission but we dip in an out so sometimes I find it difficult to read situations. Okay, I accept I’m probably a bit stupid on this count, but there have been many times in the past when Mistress has seemed to suddenly be in a mood with me and I’ve never been quite sure why.

Don’t get me wrong. I quite like it when Mistress adopts a position of power. But sometime I just find the messages confusing – especially if she comes in a room with a face like thunder without any discussion to back up her demeanor.

I know I should just go with it – after all it’s my place to do so but I know I still need a lot of training.
It’s something I’ve wanted to broach for some time but never found the right moment – but now this seemed the opportunity.

“Mistress, we both know where we are when I refer to you as ‘Mistress’. Do you think it would help if you referred to me by another name in future when we are immersed in our DD lifestyle?

“You sometimes call me Boi, when you are correcting me. Would it help if you always called me Boi in future where DD maters were concerned? That way I would understand the situation quicker.”

Mistress stared at me for a while. Then she said: “I would have thought by now that you would be able to understand exactly what is expected of you. But if you wish to be called Boi, then so be it.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“But I’m not happy with you. I expect you to comply with my wishes at all times Boi. That little whip is okay for the hotel but I think we’ve some far more serious sorting out to do when we get home. Don’t you?

“Yes Mistress.”

“What do you say?”

Thank you Mistress.”

I expected correction last night but nothing happened. Though I was summons to bed, with, “It’s time for bed Boi.” 

It was a summons I jumped to.


  1. Nothing like being taken in hand, combined with uncertainty about correction to come!

  2. Well it should now be very clear when she is in the mood and you are about to be the recipient of some discipline, even if it is only verbal. Good luck.

  3. From my point of view as a Dom, I find it better to keep my husband off balance. By not providing a "signal" for D/s, I keep him wondering about what is to come next, and he has to remain on his toes at all times - a situation which I like. Your "boi" signal is only for your sake, and I'm surprised your Mistress acceeded to your request. I wouldn't have. There's a lot to be said for a "face like thunder".