Thursday, 29 August 2013

Post-caning thoughts

My punishment last week wasn’t a pleasant experience. Mistress caned me with a level of severity I’ve not experienced in our DD relationship, to the point where she had me writhing around so much, I was making quite a fool of myself.

Embarrassment at my own lack of self-control aside, the aftermath was delicious. It seemed like the cloud of tension that hung over us for so long had been blown away and we were left engaging in a much more intimate way than in recent weeks.

Mistress noted how subdued I was immediately post punishment – and also how compliant I was to please over the next few days.

Mistress also admitted how much really enjoyed applying the rod with such force and seeing me squirm. I know how delighted she was with the set of marks because she had already expressed her pleasure in the immediate post-punishment inspection.

She stopped short in admitting that caning me actually thrilled her, but I believe that to be the case. If I’m right then I’m really happy for her- though a bit worried for myself if she enjoyed it as much as I think she did!

However, she wasn’t at all happy with my protestations and told me in no uncertain manner that I’d have to improve my behavior in that area the next time I’m over the bench.

But she also said that it helped, briefly, for her to cast off some of the tension she had noticed building, between us and in her job. She also noted how compliant I became immediately post-punishment – immediately, being the subsequent two or three days.

Mistress has also been much more authoritative since that punishment session and the last week has been punctuated by curt orders and much more responsibility on me to carry out the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning etc.

I’ve enjoyed that aspect of the week, and far from feeling subjugated by my delightful domina, it’s been a pleasure to serve her. The fact I’ve lived under the threat of even more punishment has kept me keenly aware of my need to serve without question.

As ever, real life gets in the way of any progress we seem to be making in our FLR and Mistress is away on business for a few days, which means no maintenance tonight.

I should feel relieved because it means I escape the routine 36-stroke punishment, which I know would have been absolute hell he she bdeen in the form of the last time she applied the rod.

But it means I miss that special joy of serving Mistress in the subsequent days – and Mistress misses out on the buzz of thrashing me and then having me bend entirely to her will.

If we had planned our hiatus from DD and then restarted in such a positive vein then I’d have to acknowledge that this was the ultimate test of whether or not we really did need to embracing a female-led relationship. We’d both be patting our selves on the back – or I’d be bent over taking a caning – and saying how clever we were in our experiment.

As it is, through sheer luck we’ve proven once more where we need to be. All we need now is some ‘us time’ to plan out how we enforce the strict regime to suit use both. In the absence of ‘us time’, Mistress has set me a task. I am to produce a discussion document detailing how we should proceed with our regime, for Mistress to peruse when she returns home early next week. It’s a challenging thought but a task, which I’m sure I’ll embrace fully.


  1. It is good to hear that the ship is on an even keel and that you might be presenting your aft end more frequently. Look forward to news on the discipline sessions and your improved self-control.

  2. My self control is a big issue for me as well as Mistress. In my distant pass, before I met Mistress, I was caned by professional disciplinarians. I suffered some significant thrashings but the cane strokes were always delivered at a much slower tempo, allowing time to regain composure. It was actually quite enjoyable, experiencing the sting and burn of each individual stroke. When Mistress canes, she leaves enough time for me to thank her and the pain just builds and builds. It’s the kind of punishment I always fantasised about, being taken beyond my limits, but I’m not quite sure how to cope with it better. The fact I don’t, makes it feel very real, which I suppose is what Mistress is aiming for – to punish me.

  3. I've all about given up commenting on blogs since I don't feel much interaction between the folks who post and what I read and respond to. I've followed your blog for ages. I'm in a 100% slavery flr. My only thought to you is to be thankful for what you have and start showing your appreciation for your mistress in a more committed and consistent manner. Much of what I have read on your blog has mentioned how wonderful the canings are in many ways, but then weeks will go by and then it's all about "how busy you are" or whatever reasons for why things slide...Sorry if this sounds blunt, but I've been reading the blog for a couple of years. Before you met your wife, you were paying for discipline. Since you've met your wife, you've posted about how wonderful and painful the canings are and on many occasions spoken about how you've let her down....My wife has canes but doesn't really know how to use them as effectively as your wife apparently does. You should be so very thankful, less "busy", and more attentive to her needs. Feel free to email me off the blog if you wish to discuss further and share.


    1. Hi George, You comments are blunt but correct. It is difficult for both of us to maintain an flr 24/7 and we have had some ups and downs. This blog is merely my thoughts, I'm sorry if you find them repetitive. I am very thankful for the position I am in having such a loving lady in my life. Please email me so we can continue our discussion. Regards, garyk

  4. I very much enjoy your blog. :)