Saturday, 20 July 2013

The kiss of the cane at last

My re-introduction to the cane all happened rather quickly – and quite unexpectedly.

We’ve talked a lot about re-introducing our DD regime but nothing tangible has happened and, if I’m totally honest, I’d begun to fear that it was an element of our relationship that might be lost for ever.
It’s the main reason that I’ve not blogged for so long. There has been nothing to talk about on the DD front.

Mid-week, Mistress had wanted me to join her for coffee and meet some friends. I was rather busy with work and told her I didn’t think I’d be able to make – even though she told me it was really important to her.

But at the last minute, I felt rather guilty and dashed off to the coffee shop, met Mistress and her friends and enjoyed the lunch break together.

I’d left my mobile at home, but once we got back, and I picked it up and there was a message that read: “I’m really upset with you. I don’t ask for much. The least you could have done was make an effort to meet my and my friends for lunch.”

Obviously, this was sent just prior to my late (only by a couple of minutes) arrival at the coffee shop.
My lovely lady, genuinely disappointed I had let her down. Luckily, I had openly apologized for being late when I arrived at the coffee shop.

I was reading my phone in the dining room, Mistress was in her office. So in an attempt at making a joke of something that had already been resolved, I text: “This is why DD should be an important part of our relationship.”

“I’m beginning to realize that now,” came the immediate response.

I carried on doing some work. Then, about half an hour later, Mistress strode into the room. I recognized the look. Stern, unbending. “Upstairs. Now. Fetch me a cane. It’s time we started resolving these issues.”

I briefly tried to argue but Mistress stood at the doorway, pointing upstairs, saying nothing. Her look was enough.

She followed me upstairs and stood over me while I selected the Senior School cane from the collection of disciplinary tools we keep in the ‘fetish wardrobe’ that is full of pvc and rubber clothing and greets you with a wonderful aroma as you unlock the door.

The Senior School cane was always our second choice cane – the dreaded thin Dragon being reserved for the more poignant weekly maintenance punishment sessions. Even so, the Senior School cane packs an almighty sting…..

The punishment was brief and to the point. Mistress told me to lay face down on the bed and delivered about a dozen whacks from either side. Some slow, some fast.

I writhed and moaned but it could have been far worse – and I think was just Mistress getting back into her stride after several months without practicing her swing.

We sat having lunch in the garden. “Do you feel better for having your bottom caned?”

“Yes Mistress.”  

“Well what do you say to me?”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“I should think so. We really have a lot of work to do, don’t we?”

“Yes Mistress.”


  1. Love the post. Love the short sharp dommy sequences.
    Regarding: 'Mistress stood at the doorway, pointing upstairs, saying nothing. Her look was enough.' I have been having a conversation with my mistress about this same idea, about her being able to dominate me with a simple stern look.
    Its just an idea at the moment but I imagine getting to the stage where she could simply give me that wordless look and I would immediately put myself in the corner with pants lowered ready to be punished. It seems like the ultimate in domination to me.
    lill (Ms Julie's punished sketch slut) jo

  2. Nice return to what you need. I hope it picks up for you.

  3. Great post and awfully good news especially as you were not expecting it!