Thursday, 13 June 2013

New fascination with the tawse

 I’ve recently developed an intense fascination of the tawse. I’m pretty sure that it’s because we’ve not been able to resume our DD regime yet so Mistress and I have been discussing alternative methods of punishment.

It wasn’t something I’d really considered until the option of using the tawse was initially mentioned by a Lady friend on FetLife, in a PM to me, in response to my recent post about alternative punishments in a DD regime, other than the cane on the bottom.

She suggested a hand tawsing and said her husband hates it more than the cane on the bottom. I don’t know The Lady in question, apart from brief exchanges on FetLife but I do gather she is a very strict disciplinarian so her words carried some authority. Moreover, she has an excellent collection of John Dick-style tawses and I can imagine the venom a hearty stroke one of them can unleash.

I say this with some small experience since Mistress has previously tried one or two strokes with our leather straps – we have one ‘Trident’ paddle from MC Customs (three tails of quite thick leather in a short paddle-length implement) and another really short, two-tailed tawse in black leather.

We’ve only played with both but I recall an intense thuddy sting to each stroke. A real punishment session with them would be a very serious prospect indeed.

After my Fet Life friend’s suggestion I began some research. Probably the one post I found that convinced me of the tawse’s value was a post on ‘This Thing We Do’ by Mentor Jim in 2010, in which he said; “I would like to recommend to all of you the idea of punishing your deserving partners' hands. This naturally came from British school scenarios but I wanted to say that I've used it and loved it.

“I think that it is demonstrates the ultimate acceptance of punishment - an important factor for me. When a woman (or man surely? gk) will hold her hands out for me to strap it tells me that she is fully accepting her punishment. To look in her eyes as I raise the strap over my shoulder and see the fear but also the resolve to accept her chastisement is extremely powerful. The hands are sensitive- and this punishment hurts. The hands could never accept as many blows as her bottom but a hand strapping after a session of lines or even maybe before, is a nice adjunct to a spanking.

‘Julia’ on the same forum, responded:  “Hand strapping is a strange one for me. I can take it all day long with many implements. Well not all day.

“Between my woodworking hobby and the garden and decades of hand spanking others, my hands are very resilient. That means that on the rare occasions it is used I generally get 12 on each hand with a very heavy strap/tawse all delivered at full strength. Many people would be in agony after one or two but I am just blessed (cursed?) with hard hands!

“However, the important thing is not so much the physical sensation of the strokes as the conversation that goes on between K and I during the punishment. Not a word is spoken. It is a conversation of the eyes. In essence is K says, ‘I have to do this because you earned it and you have to accept it gracefully’ and I say, ‘I know I must accept this, I am doing my best even though it's starting to hurt quite a lot.’
“Then eventually, when it gets to the final six on the first hand (which hurt like hell even for me) K seems to say, "Now this will be hard but I require your submission" and I respond with an extremely quite and submissive, ‘Yes, ma'am.’

‘That cycle just intensifies dramatically when I have to switch to the other hand and do it all over again. My first hand is throbbing and burning and I know very intimately just what is coming. It takes a massive effort of will to hold out the second hand for round two.

“It is a very intense experience of encountering an absolutely immovable force in my life. In front of me stands someone who I can't go round, can't move aside, can't talk out of it, can't joke my way through, can't move in any way, in fact. The inevitability of it....the fact that I am forced to literally ‘face up to’ my punishment.”

The intense thing for me here is the eye contact. I can imagine the absolute pain of each stroke but I struggle to conjure the eye contact.

I imagine it to be something very special to watch Mistress, unerring, delivering the stroke. I imagine also her impassively waiting to apply the next one while my face is screwed up in pain, trying desperately to alleviate the sting before the next one.

I can imagine all this because I watched, thoroughly engrossed, as Mistress Ebb applied the tawse to one of her subs in this video clip;
I love the calm objectivity she displays in her methodical business of thrashing the poor guy. She can see the suffering but just keeps up the tempo and the way his suffering brings a delighted smirk to her face.

I’d like to think that between his screwed-up eyes, moist no doubt with tears, he can see how much pleasure she is deriving from seeing him suffering – and like any good submissive, responds immediately to her command, ‘hands up’, even though he knows the pain is only to get worse and worse.

You don’t get this intensity of eye contact during a session with the cane being applied to one’s bare bottom. And while there is a certain offering one’s self for punishment in the act of bending over, it seems to me that holding out your hands for the tawse, and making eye contact with Mistress, could be one of the most significant acts of submission possible in a DD relationship.

My only concern is about potential damage of a thrashing. I’ve read about the fragility of the small bones in the hands. Yet I also know people saw the tawse applied with plenty of vigour to the hands of children back in the 1960s, and not too much attention was paid to potential damage.

I just wonder if there are those already use hand tawsing as a viable method of punishment in a DD regime – and what, if any, the long-term negative affects of the tawse might be.  


  1. Hi does not appeal really to have my palms tawsed. Prefer the bottom for pleasurable strapping and the back and front of legs for punishment.

  2. Tawse is also useful for CBT.

  3. RM:

    While I don't have a fascination with hand tawsing (ouch), I do appreciate the tawse being used on my back side, and I understand where you are coming from about the eye contact part. The visual aspect of being dominated is so important to me, yet I lose that when I have my head under a pillow while my wife is whipping me with a bullwhip or singletail to prevent an errant throw from striking my head.