Sunday, 12 May 2013

Non corporal punishments

I’m sad to report that we’ve still not resumed our domestic discipline regime. It’s not through want of trying on either of us. I’m still having weekly physio sessions on a bad back and had a doctor’s appointment to see if there might be something more sinister that’s giving me the now persistent back problem. That is likely to entail a scan so until that’s resolved, Mistress and I feel it prudent for me not to sporting any cane marks.

It’s very frustrating since we both feel that corporal punishment is an integral part of our DD regime.
I know some might ask why contemplate being caned while suffering with a back problem? If you are bent over a bench and secured, you open out the back anyway to relieve the pain so it’s not an issue. But yes, while you are down with a persistent ache or pain anyway, the last thing on your mind is a good thrashing. And Mistress understands this.

Having said that, it doesn’t in anyway reduced that intense feeling of ‘need’ for the cane – no matter how horrible it may be receiving it. And it doesn’t help a relationship where use of the cane benefits the state of mind in both partners.

There are of course other sanctions possible and after a minor tiff last night we both recognized that our increased work stress, combined with the frustrations not being able to lead the home life we both need to come up with some short-term alternatives to keep me on track.

After our cross words I said to Mistress, “you would normally have cane me for that, wouldn’t you?”
She replied, “I wouldn’t just have caned you, I’d have thrashed you black and blue. But don’t think I’ll forget about you raising your voice.”

Mistress is out today and I’m going to be working the rest of the day but we’ve agreed to sit down and discuss some much-needed non-corporal disciplinary measures to see us through this period.

You would probably say that as an adult I should be able to manage my own discipline but as any of you in a real DD relationship know, there is always room for improvement, especially if the Lady of the house expects high standards.

The question is, what non-corporal punishments might be as effective as the corrective measures of the cane? Writing lines, apology letters, withdrawal of privileges, corner time, extra chores, mouth soaping, sissy clothing humiliation – even punishment pants?

Only recently we both laughed when I showed Mistress a pair of hessian ‘punishment’ bloomers on eBay!

But latter two seem like fetish indulgences rather that strict forms of correction -  though spending long hours in uncomfortable, effeminate attire might not be too pleasant.

We would be very interested to know what other effective methods couples in DD relationships might employ as an alterative to more traditional corporal punishments. 


  1. To busy, business travel, or bad back are not acceptable excuses for a respectful sub. If the back issue is serious, than corner time with panties at your ankles should remind you of your responsibilities. However, you do not have to be bent over to be spanked.

    If you have a medical problem; get it fixed quickly. Since this is Mother's Day, you need do a lot of special make-up things and take the pain if necessary.

  2. Sorry to hear that things are a bit difficult just now, I hope that your back is soon better enough for your punishments to get back on track. I can't pretend it's any substitute for the cane, but I have been given corner time with six inch heels locked onto my feet, which after a while becomes very painful. One other punishment I have experienced is riding the rail, which basically involves sitting on a length of wood. Something like a broom handle is suspended in the air at each end, or balanced across two chairs. I have to stand with one leg on either side. Sometimes I'm allowed to be on tip toe, sometimes my feet dangle in the air. After a few minutes it's very, very painful, but leaves me unmarked. A google search might give some more details on this. I'm sure others will comeupwith much better punishments, but those were ones that sprung to my mind. Good luck.

  3. I posted an entry in swedish on the matter of corporal punishment without leaving marks, hoping that google translate does a fair job:

    I was thinking of cock and anal. Ever tried electroplay? I think the machine is called teens. Used correctly it serves medical purpose for ppl with chronical illness, might help your back, used correctly otherwise it serves som funfor us Doms... I myself did not like it as good as caning my sub however...

    1. Clams on your ears? For most ppl thats painful, i am one of the rare few with insensitive ears...

      Id combine the clams with chores or corner time. The longer they stay on the more they will hurt once removed ;)

      I have several small ones from the book stores.

      Sorry I can only come up with corporal punishments as thats my thing, humiliation is not really my cup of tea. However there are lots of punishments that dont leave marks...

  4. I have the perfect idea for a punishment that you would love and hate in equal measure. Especially with a bad back, the slightest twinge on being whacked could do quite a lot of damage.

    However, I would suggest to Mistress this following scenario.

    Sunny warm day.

    You are dressed underneath in shiny and noisy PVC with rubber riding boots.

    You are then buttoned and belted into your SBR mac.

    You are then given five things to buy from five different stores and sent off with the challenge to buy them - they can always be returned later - maybe as another punishment as retuning goods is harder than buying them.

    In each store you would have to be dressed in your SBR mac as to do anything else would reveal even more peculiar clothes underneath.

    Your humiliation would be exquisite and intense and the control over you from your Mistress would be complete.

  5. You could also consider being forced to wear PVC/SBR if and when you have deliveries or work being done on the house.

    For instance, should you have food delivered from Ocado, perhaps answering the door and taking delivery in full PVC regalia.

    I had an experience of being dressed and tied up in a hotel room where my friend then ordered room service. Very distressing/thrilling/humiliating and it made me very aware of who was in charge!