Friday, 17 May 2013

Non corporal punishments. A follow up

Since, for reasons best known to Blogger, it is impossible to use the Reply function on our blog right now - making it impossible to reply to any of the comments raised by my questions in the the previous post regarding non-corporal punishment - I thought it best to answer with a follow up post.

Dualpurpose said: 

“To busy, business travel, or bad back are not acceptable excuses for a respectful sub. If the back issue is serious, than corner time with panties at your ankles should remind you of your responsibilities. However, you do not have to be bent over to be spanked. 

If you have a medical problem; get it fixed quickly. Since this is Mother's Day, you need do a lot of special make-up things and take the pain if necessary.”

Dualpurpose, you are, of course, correct. There are no excuses for a respectful sub not measuring up and I agree corner time with panties around ankles is a good way to remind me of my place.
The reason we have not used any method corporal punishment recently is to avoid obvious marks since I’ve been consulting with a doctor and physio. 

Slave knickers said:

“Sorry to hear that things are a bit difficult just now, I hope that your back is soon better enough for your punishments to get back on track. I can't pretend it's any substitute for the cane, but I have been given corner time with six inch heels locked onto my feet, which after a while becomes very painful. One other punishment I have experienced is riding the rail, which basically involves sitting on a length of wood. Something like a broom handle is suspended in the air at each end, or balanced across two chairs. I have to stand with one leg on either side. Sometimes I'm allowed to be on tip toe, sometimes my feet dangle in the air. After a few minutes it's very, very painful, but leaves me unmarked. A google search might give some more details on this. I'm sure others will comeupwith much better punishments, but those were ones that sprung to my mind. Good luck.

Yes, slave knickers, heels do tend to be a bit tiresome. Riding the rail sounds horrible. I’ve read about it before and never considered it would become part of Mistress’ repertoire and, I hope, it will continue to be that way, even though she read your remarks.

K Rai posted two comments on a similar theme: 

“I posted an entry in Swedish on the matter of corporal punishment without leaving marks, hoping that google translate does a fair job: 

I was thinking of cock and anal. Ever tried electroplay? I think the machine is called teens. Used correctly it serves medical purpose for ppl with chronical illness, might help your back, used correctly otherwise it serves som funfor us Doms... I myself did not like it as good as caning my sub however...

"Clamps on your ears? For most ppl that’s painful, i am one of the rare few with insensitive ears... 

Id combine the clamps with chores or corner time. The longer they stay on the more they will hurt once removed ;)

I have several small ones from the book stores.

Sorry I can only come up with corporal punishments as that’s my thing, humiliation is not really my cup of tea. However there are lots of punishments that don’t leave marks..."

K Rai runs a great blog at and yes, Google Translate does a good enough job to enjoy reading the blog. There’s a complete post about punishment with no marks. We’re not interested in electro play but the idea of clamps and chores seemed to capture Mistress’ imagination.

Finally my good friend petermacs also posted a couple of comments: 

“I have the perfect idea for a punishment that you would love and hate in equal measure. Especially with a bad back, the slightest twinge on being whacked could do quite a lot of damage.

However, I would suggest to Mistress this following scenario.

Sunny warm day.

You are dressed underneath in shiny and noisy PVC with rubber riding boots.

You are then buttoned and belted into your SBR mac.

You are then given five things to buy from five different stores and sent off with the challenge to buy them - they can always be returned later - maybe as another punishment as retuning goods is harder than buying them.

In each store you would have to be dressed in your SBR mac as to do anything else would reveal even more peculiar clothes underneath.

Your humiliation would be exquisite and intense and the control over you from your Mistress would be complete.”

He followed it up with this gem: “You could also consider being forced to wear PVC/SBR if and when you have deliveries or work being done on the house.
For instance, should you have food delivered from Ocado, perhaps answering the door and taking delivery in full PVC regalia.

I had an experience of being dressed and tied up in a hotel room where my friend then ordered room service. Very distressing/thrilling/humiliating and it made me very aware of who was in charge!”

Oh Peter. How could you be so cruel? I thought we were friends? You know that I’ve a big hang-up about wearing my shiny mackintoshes in public. And Mistress knows it too. I can’t tell you how much of a glint in her eye she had when she read your comments. There mere idea of what you suggest fills me with absolute dread. I can’t honestly see Mistress demanding me to do such a thing, at least not in our hometown. After all she has to live here too and might not think a good idea for everyone to have seen me out and about dressed in an unusual way. But I can see her sending me out dressed like that when we’re on holiday – or even out for a day somewhere else. And that in itself would be bad enough.  


  1. Well I am glad to have helped!

    I look forward to hearing of your alternative punishments in due course.

    I have been punished in a similar way in being made to have breakfast at Simpsons in the Strand with my friend at which she made me keep my SBR mac on and done up!

    Thankfully we had booked one of the divans so I was not too public, but the feelings were intense.

  2. From the ones you already mentioned, I've always found writing lines and withdrawal of privileges (especially really noticeable things, like furniture) to be pretty effective, but I started thinking something much more simple may help your situation. I usually also combine things like writing lines with uncomfortable positions and predicaments, but that may not be such a good idea with back problems.

    Has your Mistress ever considered slapping you when you say something out of line or displease her? It's very effective as it's an immediate reaction that firmly reinforces your place (as well as helping her reinforce hers/boost her confidence and awareness of how the conversation 'should' be going and is a pretty good way for her to take her frustration out). It depends on the sub, of course, but it's often humiliating/degrading and has a pretty big impact. If she hasn't done it much before she'd need to practice quite a bit before just doing it immediately when you displease her, as it's easy to misjudge - but then that also offers opportunities to remind you of your place:

    She could have you on your knees before her and slap you however many times she feels appropriate for your behaviour - and with each one you have to turn your head back to her, offering it, and thank her for showing you your place. It gets quite hard to keep doing that, too.

    Unless she starts doing it *a lot* it also shouldn't leave marks. Do be careful not to hit the ear or side of head/temple though, and I'd recommend starting out her practicing lightly.

    I'm not entirely sure the extent of your D/s relationship, but it may also help just to try and make this more obvious for you both in other ways day-to-day while you can't use the cane; ideally ways that make you both feel good, but mainly ones that make her feel good and you feel in your place. Things like sitting or kneeling at her feet instead of beside her on the sofa, her giving you orders just for the fun of it, just because she can (I find it more amusing than I should to occasionally say "jump"). Things that just make you more aware of it all.

    Hope that helps a bit.