Thursday, 30 May 2013

A 'punishment' cushion?

Mistress looked as pleased as punch when she come home on Saturday from a shopping expedition. “I’ve bought you a present,” she said with glee.

She held up a carrier bag and slowly pulled from it, a blue vinyl cushion.

I held my breath and waited for an explanation. But one wasn’t needed. She turned the shiny side over to reveal a circle of rather sharp looking pimples moulded into the surface.

“What is it,” I finally asked, playing up to her excitement - while trying to find some interest in this cushion-shaped thing.

“I have no idea. I found it in a charity shop but it looks like it’ll be perfect for you to sit on when you are naughty.”

Looking at the studded side, I could imagine it would be rather uncomfortable. But I smiled and said, “Thank you Mistress.”

“I’m glad you are pleased because when I’m away on Thursday evening, you can spend all evening sitting on it. I know you'll be surfing all your favourite sites so this will be your penance. I want a full report on how it works. I want you to spend at least a couple of hours sat on it – no getting up at all. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

So here I am, sat typing on the blue vinyl cushion. And I’m sure Mistress will love to know that after about half an hour it starts to make the bottom quite sore and after an hour it becomes very, very uncomfortable.

I did an internet search to discover they are used by physios for various rehabilitation exercises.

The studs are quite closely grouped so they don’t really stick in to one’s bottom cheeks but as an overall effect they create a stingy, uncomfortable feeling that just won’t go away. Because the cushion wobbles as you move it’s not easy to simply lift the bottom cheek to relieve pressure so, short of getting up, there is no respite. And Mistress did insist on at least two hours of this mild form of torture……

……Two hours in, I can vouch for the effectiveness of the cushion. It's not terribly painful - just uncomfortable, offering constant remainder that you are being punished.

I’d hate to have to perform this ritual after a good caning. The final hour was not at all pleasant and the sit-spot and the very tops of both thighs are really quite sore now.

Impressive though is the pattern left on my bottom cheeks. It’s quite spectacular.

Mistress will be pleased!

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