Sunday, 21 April 2013

Judicial sjambock

Anyone with a fantasy about experiencing a judicial-type punishment should watch this video before they go ahead and ask someone to oblige!
But before you even watch it, ask yourself if you are okay with watching a severe punishment.

I found this clip via Fetlife, posted by ‘inmate’. His request was a no holds barred 30 strokes with the sjambock and the ‘Wardress’ delivering the punishment did not hold back one bit, despite the obvious suffering of the male victim.

It’s a brutal thrashing, without doubt the most intense consensual judicial punishment session I’ve ever watched. You will find terrible real judicial canings which I really don’t recommend but this video is all about one masochistic male asking a dominant lady to punish him in the style of a judicial caning – and believe me, it’s severe. 

From the very first stroke the recipient is in agony, which is no surprise because the sjambock – apparently a genuine rhino hide implement in this case – is applied absolutely full force.

We all talk of a desire to be caned full force but this Amazonian was putting everything into each stroke.  And each stroke was delivered five strokes apart, regardless of suffering, regardless of how he was writhing around.

And that’s the worst aspect for me. The way the victim was secured to the punishment frame/ladder meant he could twist and turn and even bend right down at the knees. So to apply the strokes within the set timing pattern, the Wardress had to make split second adjustments as she was applying the stroke. All of them appear to connect okay, but it seemed like a recipe for a misplaced stroke – and with the strokes given at such ferocity, I would have thought there was a chance of serious injury had that happened.

However the full 30 were delivered without undue incident – but not without distress to the poor victim. You can see his entire body convulse and shake with the pain but I think he took it incredibly well considering the ferocity and I wasn’t surprised he was rather vocal. I like the idea of the gas mask to help stifle the sounds.

The Wardress was incredibly and utterly efficient, especially considering his movements. I really liked the way she totally ignored his cries and just got on her job of delivering the beating he had asked for.
The force of the strokes took a toll on his bottom. I’ve never seen such ugly deep welts. But this is the sjambock, a really heavy duty, dense but still whippy punishment rod. Surprisingly, there was no broken skin.

As I said at the start, there are some of us who fantasise about such beatings. I know there are many of us who would like to experience such a punishment session where we really did have no control.
For example, even though Mistress decides when and how I am punished, and can be very severe, deep down I know that she will stop or at least reduce the intensity if I am suffering too much. And afterwards it disappoints me when she has done that.

But what if she didn’t? The fascination is wondering how I would cope.

And how would I cope if she administered a beating like this clip portrays?

When I’m caned I start to have too many thoughts of things going wrong as it is. The pain is one thing but what really unsettles is me is a feeling of panic, induced by the building pain. It produces totally irrational fears:  what if the skin is split (if I’m grazed it’s a rarity so why do I worry?); what damage is this doing to my back when I writhe around; what if this sets off a heart attack?

Despite those ridiculous thoughts, I still have a need for the cane – and like to genuinely suffer at the hands of Mistress.

But would I want to suffer like the guy in this clip? I think the answer would probably have to be yes - but only under certain conditions.

I can only say this because several years ago, way before I met Mistress, I did submit myself to a 30-stroke judicial caning at the hands of one of Britain’s most accomplished disciplinarians. It was an incredibly painful yet powerful experience. Unlike this punishment clip, I was bound to a bench and the strokes were delivered at around 15s intervals. Even so, I recall each stroke reverberating through my entire body.

But to go through something like that again, first and foremost, it would have to be something Mistress wanted to do. In other words, it would have to be a corrective measure she felt necessary to assuage me of a wrong that warranted such a punishment.

Secondly, I’d have to be fastened securely to a bench so that I could not move around at all. That to me a really important aspect of any punishment session – to feel safely bound is a huge confidence boost.
Thirdly it would have to be administered in exactly the same way as the clip – full force, set time between strokes and all the strokes delivered as the sentence required. You’d mentally prepare for that and anything less – even though you would do anything at the time to bring matters to a halt – would be such a disappointment. 

And finally it would have to be in some kind of sound-proof room because there’s no way I could take even one stroke like that without making a huge amount of noise.

So the chances of it happening at virtually zero – especially in the light of our recent lack of DD. But, as they say, be careful what you wish for. It would be a truly severe punihsment.

But it’s certainly not put ‘inmate’ off judging by his comments on Fetlife. He’s already talking about a repeat performance. I do hope he’s properly secured next time and the Wardress can focus 100% on applying the sjambock.


  1. Probably not for me although I have fantasized about a hard caning from Cassie. Was that who you saw?

    1. Hi Michael. It was actually Lady Pandora, a very strict, no-nonsense lady - and a very effective and enthusiastic disciplinarian. There's still a link on her website of her and my comments post session plus some images. Just look up Judicial and under reviews, look at Gary if you are interested. I know what you mean about Cassie though. She's such an ardent caner - never seems to give it anything less that full force. She was the only other disciplinarian apart from Lady P who I would have been keen to visit - had I remained single. Luckily, with Mistress, I'm now able to live the DD lifestyle I'd always dreamed of.

  2. I have followed your blog for a long time. I suppose you crave what you saw in the video, yet you are concerned about enduring it. It seems to me that your wife would oblige you with a session like the one in the video. She sounds like a woman who would make your dreams come true.

    1. Hi George, Yes, it's a strange thing isn't it? You crave it but fear it. I honestly don't think it would ever happen since it errs a little too on the wrong side of safety considerations for the both of us. I'd be a bit frightened of the damage it might cause - as would Mistress.

      However, Mistress does not hold back when she's in the right frame of mind. I don't think it's a case of her obliging me. We are past that. It's more likely if she's in the mood to make me suffer......

  3. Wow that was one severe beating !!! The mistress did not hold back and was very skilled at landing all of those blows on target. I really do think he should have been restrained ALOT better then that make-shift set up he was tied to. Does anyone know the masked mistresses name or where she operates from?? I would love a good corporal punishment caning and maybe 5 good swings with her sjambok!! :)

  4. She is incredibly accurate given the way he moves around. And suffering like that it's no shame. Try contacting him through Fet Life?