Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rubber and PVC rainwear: Great topics for conversation

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted. I must apologise.

Mistress and I have had a busy time of late but life is good and we managed to sneak a few days away at a B&B on the coast during the Christmas break.

The terrible weather failed to deter us. In fact we relished the break and made the most of our time away by enjoying some bracing beach walks. Luckily, we went well-prepared for the inclement weather after seeing the forecast for heavy rain and high winds.

Every time we ventured out Mistress wore her blue PVC rain jacket while I donned my shortie SBR raincoat. Both of us wore our Hunters.

We both enjoyed our rainwear but noted its shortcomings and vowed that we would aim to buy something new and even more effective at coping with the increasingly bad weather we seem plagued with.

Mistress is looking at something like a Rimo Mantelmode PVC or Latex parka – hooded, knee length – and waterproof. I’m still aiming to buy a new SBR trench from WeatherVain but don’t want it too long. Like Mistress, I just want something that’s knee length.  But I too want a mackintosh that has either an attached hood, or one that snaps on and off.

Judging by the comments we got each day, our current choice of rainwear did not go unnoticed.
One chap, who’s shop we had been in the day before said, looking my SBR mackintosh up and down: “Ah, you were in here yesterday, I recognize your raincoat.”

One lady shop owner said: “You’ll not be letting the bad weather stop your enjoyment of walking along the beach.”

Another commented: “It’s good to see a couple that are prepared for the bad weather. We get so many people here dressed inappropriately.”

It was an interesting comment and something Mistress and I had discussed on our first day as we battled the elements. Having experienced our wettest year on record, and with suggestions that the weather is going to become ever more extreme, surely there has to be a point where traditional rainwear – lengthy waterproof trench coats - make a real comeback, if not in SBR, surely in PVC?

In my old fashioned way, I still believe rubber with properly taped seams is by far the best option but accept they are incredibly expensive luxury purchases. But a PVC mackintosh need not be.

To me, those shorty ‘fashion’ rain jackets that aren’t especially waterproof and leave you soaked to the skin from the waist down don’t make sense – but finding a really functional waterproof raincoat (apart from those rather dour, long waxed cotton ‘duster’ coats) these days is really difficult. 

Our experiences of people commenting on our rainwear were echoed in Peter’s recently blog post on Jan 2 at where a lady struck up conversation with him about his choice of protection against the weather.

They were both walking dogs in diabolical weather, Peter is his Ocean Rainwear long green jacket over another Ocean Rainwear long mack! The lady, suffice to say was improperly dressed but the next time they met, she had followed Peter’s advice and bought her own Ocean Rainwear gear!

Ah well, at least that’s one convert.

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