Saturday, 5 January 2013

Learning the lesson

After my last blog post, Michael M commented that it was; “Strange that you did not learn your lesson and went on to argue with your Mistress. The 24 strokes probably made you regret that error. By the sound of things she has said you are in for a long weekend. Enjoy and appreciate her patience.”

My stupid mistake that earned me the 24 strokes was a split-second reaction and I knew as soon as the words came tumbling out I was in trouble.

This morning in bed, we discussed the issue of my outburst of anger and Mistress said that it was actually something I'd said in the coffee shop earlier in the day that had already made her mind up she would punish me when we got home. My angry outburst at home just strengthened her resolve to illustrate her authority..

The coffee shop incident happened when we were having a discussion and I mimicked something she said.

It was innocuous enough – or so I thought – and there was certainly no malice intended, but Mistress looked at me and, in the middle of the busy shop, said: “Do you think it's the right thing to take the mickey out of your Mistress in public?”

I quietly mumbled, “sorry Mistress,” and thought the issue was over. Silly me.

This morning Mistress said: “After our lengthy discussion I decided I was not taking any back chat from you any more.  I was surprised how quickly you forgot your place after Thursday maintenance. I don’t care how sore your bottom is, every time you step out of line from now on, I am going to cane you. Hopefully you’ll begin to get the message.”


  1. You just never know what might offend one's FLR Mistress_ Wife so careful thought is needed at all times, before speaking.

  2. I agree with @Michael M . I went through a period where it seemed almost anything I said to my partner triggered a punishment. Attitude adjustment takes a lot of pain to change. Good luck!