Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ever stricter times

Friday evening, we’d had a pleasant dinner and I was upstairs on the computer when Mistress shouted, “get down here now and bring the whip.”

I don’t know why Mistress calls it a whip but it’s her prerogative to call it what she wants. I know exactly what she means!

I had to pee before going downstairs, and before I got a chance to slip on my punishment pants and fetch the cane, Mistress shouted again, “didn’t I say, NOW?”

When I presented myself I was met with a very angry looking Mistress. “Didn’t you assume it would be maintenance tonight – after we weren’t able to do it last night? Didn’t you think to be ready? And what on earth took you so long after I called you?”

I tried to blub out some kind of excuse but gave up with a “Sorry Mistress.”

She shook her head in disgust, snatched the cane from me and ordered me to bend over the bench. Once she’d fastened my wrists there was no more time wasted as she applied the cane.

It was a ruthless whipping. And if I’m honest, I took them baldy, making a tremendous fuss from when the very first stroke too my breath away.

I wriggled and writhed, made rather a lot of noise and was sweating buckets. I can’t remember such intense venom from every stroke. Normally, even if it’s a hard caning, Mistress applies light strokes to the crease at the top of my thighs. Tonight’s were full force.

She gave me 24 and then checked my bottom. “Oh dear,” she said. I assumed she’d drawn blood.
She applied the last 12 at a very fast tempo and left my panting, on the verge of tears.

Afterwards we discussed it. She told me how angry and disappointed she was in me for not paying attention to the fact it was maintenance tonight – and that I wasn’t properly prepared. She was annoyed her dinner was late – she’d specified 9pm (it was ready at 9.15 after my punishment). And she warned me I’d need to be on my best behaviour over the weekend – or else.

She also told me to expect that kind of treatment from now on – and how did I feel about it?

“I feel like I was punished properly Mistress,” I said. “I feel like you are establishing a new authority and that I love you very much for it. But I also feel like I am going to work much harder if this is typical of the consequence of not reaching the level of service you expect of me.”

“And how does your bottom feel?”

“Very sore Mistress. I can’t recall the burning and stinging ever last so long after being caned. Or feeling so bruised.”

“I’m so pleased,” she smiled.

It was true. Normally I find the stinging ebbs quickly after the cane strokes cease. But this was different – and even two hours of so after my punishment, my bottom was still sore.

I’ve been pondering whether Mistress will continue her crueler administration – or if we’ll slip back to our older, less strict ways.

I’m nervous we’ll be continuing in a lot stricter vein but in many ways it’s what I’m secretly hoping for. I suppose that probably reveals a lot about my true character.


  1. You said:

    "I’m nervous we’ll be continuing in a lot stricter vein but in many ways it’s what I’m secretly hoping for. I suppose that probably reveals a lot about my true character"

    I respond:

    "So say we all... Amen, brother :)"

  2. Very good! It's such a great feeling when my dominant wife ramps up her level of dominance over me, as she did yesterday (though with servitude a lot more than with suffering).

    Hopefully your Mistress will continue the enjoyment she gets out of your servitude (and suffering).

    -Bluebonnet1's Ted (ted_subby)

  3. I think its great that she is more strict with you because that is what you want and need. My husband has often asked me to be more strict with him, but as yet I have not caned him in the way that you describe. It sounds like you have a terrific energy and dynamic in your relationship, so good for you both!

  4. I used to have this. So glad to have found this blog.