Thursday, 3 January 2013

Awaiting the cane

It’s 9.30pm. Mistress has told me to report back to the living room at 10pm with the cane for my weekly maintenance.

It’s been some time since I was last caned so I’m sat feeling very, very nervous. I know how much it will hurt tonight. My heart is thumping. I have a pounding I ears and throat. My breathing is noticeably heavy. My palms are sweating.

But I am also very excited at the prospect. Very excited. I take pleasure in this for these few moments while I am sat alone.

I realize how much I’ve become a slave to this discipline. I need it despite the suffering it brings.

It will be over in a few moments I tell myself. But that stinging hell seems like hours when you are over that bench.

Mistress has been displeased with me for sometime. It’s just that we’ve not had the opportunity to settle my debt.

I can tell by her voice and look that she is not happy with me.

Our DD regime has been lacking. We are due to discuss the matter in some detail after my punishment. 

Suffice to say it is me to blame for the suspension of DD in recent days.

I deserve this fate.


  1. Good luck. The waiting is both exciting and worrying. I hope she dealt with you properly.

    1. She certainly did Michael. Details in the new post.