Monday, 26 November 2012

The Caning Hour

Mistress is away on business for a few days so tonight I've passed the time watching a video on Spanking Tube called The Caning Hour. It’s a series of old American femdom corporal punishment clips.

I’m sure some of you CP scholars would be able to determine the source but fom the video you could determine that the American way of caning is very different to strict British discipline.
Forgive the generalisations but here in Britain, the home of the cane, our ‘tradition’ is for very measured hard strokes, delivered at set intervals – allowing every nasty stroke to soak in before the next is applied.

The American method of caning – if this video is any guide - seems to be very different. There’s virtually no time between strokes – just long enough for the lady to draw the cane back and apply it again. And they apply it with serious venom. It’s a wholly athletic approach to delivering a caning as they apply a large amount of strokes too.

I knew this from watching countless clips over the years. But this film brought it back to me.
All the ladies in question take a different approach to using the cane. Some take full-blooded strokes and follow through, some take the same full blooded stroke but bounce the cane off the bottom with a neat little wrist action at the last split second. Others use very little arm action and reply heavily on their wrist.

At the tail end (no pun intended) of the video a hapless male is subjected to a particularly severe caning session, delivered in batches between trips to the corner each time his mistress lectures him.
Whatever the method, the punishments tend to be on the vicious side. I can’t imagine how the males subjected to these punishments hold their position because there is no mercy.

I like the style of these clips becasue they don't just focus of he application of the rod, there's a consistent apporach of showing the lady's legs as she canes, highlighting  how they swivel on the toes of their stilettoes to help generate the force of the stroke!

I never get the chance to study Mistress' caning action. I just feel it. She canes me at a tempo of somewhere between what you might expect of a traditional style of British caning, to the American style.  But while some of the strokes are pretty much full force, she’s also lenient with others – especially those in the crease at the tops of my thighs, where the Americans just deliver every stroke full force.

I do wonder if this style of caning at speed is prevalent with the majority of dominant American ladies brought up using the paddle in a similar quick-action style. Or whether any have adopted the more traditional method of delivering a slow, measured discipline session.

From a submissive’s perspective, the American way frightens me to death – yet
such ‘whippings’ excites me. But for someone who struggles to take 36 strokes delivered a reasonably quick tempo, I can’t imagine the state I’d be in taking 50-60 at the sort of pace these American ladies cane at.


  1. ZOWIE!! These ladies are WICKED and SADISTIC!! All about beatings with NO lessons taught OR learned!

    I hope that these male models were WELL-PAID!!

    That LAST vid was a bit erotic, but torturous as well. That guy was expected to have a "memory like an elephant." lol!

  2. Haven't had time to watch the video yet. But I would like to say I like your views on the different styles of caning. I've only witnessed one caning and that is when Dee caned Bob here at our house the day I had her come over after I found out what he did. She was born and lived in England until she was about 14. And she caned in what you describe as the traditional British style with 15 to 20 seconds between strokes. The welt from the previous stroke would be rising up on his bottom before she applied the next. Very painful and Bob was very vocal and tearful begging anyone who would listen to make it stop. It didn't of course until she delivered all 30 strokes. She said she was taught by her mother how to properly cane. She didn't use full arm swings it was just her forearm and wrist flick but even this way was very effective and brought that unmistakeable swishing sound and crack when the cane met its target. Your blog is very interesting and I look forward to reading more.

  3. anyone know whats the name of the clip that is shown from 21:32 till 24:29??