Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sporadic but improving DD

 We’re just getting back up to speed with our DD but it’s been a sporadic yet quite effective and sometimes harsh few weeks.

Maintenance is back as part of our regime so that should mean 36 strokes of the cane every Thursday - but it’s been a case of fitting it in wherever we can between our work schedules and we’ve actually missed entire weeks. So that’s not entirely satisfactory.

What has been satisfactory – for Mistress – is her caning technique.

She’s really proud that she’s developed a new wristy action which leaves me writhing around after each stroke.

After one caning, when I was particularly vocal, Mistress told me several times to stop being a wimp, and that she was being gentle with me.

When I’d had my full 36 and had a chance to check my stripes in the mirror, it was no surprise to see a mass of deep purplish, black weals decorating my bottom cheeks.

Over a cup of tea afterwards we discussed Mistresses claims versus my feelings and we both realised that while Mistress wasn’t applying a full-blooded swing of the cane anymore, her wrist action was proving far more effective. Less effort but superb technique was having an impressively positive effective on poor me!

Mistress has also reacquainted me with Loopy Johnny. It wasn’t exactly Boot Camp but I lost count of the times I got whacked with that little whip (three thin loops of rubber connected to a short wooden handle) as Mistress seemed to pick up on every little fault – no matter where we were during the day. As soon as I got back to the hotel, out came the whip.

The advantage of a Loopy Johnny is that it makes very little noise but stings like hell – and Mistress seemed to find a new found strength in applying it. Keeping the noise down howling from my lips was a big issue!

This past weekend has been interesting too. Mistress was in a mood to punish and gave me my overdue 36-stroke maintenance caning on Saturday.

But I remained under threat of punishment all weekend and I wasn’t at all surprised when she sent me to fetch the cane for another 36 strokes when we came back from our afternoon stroll on Sunday. I was actually punished for refusing – early Sunday morning - to hang a couple of new ornaments in the conservatory. I know, I never learn.

In my defence the ornaments are very heavy and I don’t think the thin walls will take the weight. Mistress said it was simply my attitude and the point blank refusal which upset her more than anything.
Mistress was surprised when I handed her the crook-handled school cane for my punishment today.

Under the rules we recently discussed regarding our DD regime, the thin Dragon is to be solely used for the 36-stroke maintenance punishment. The implement used for any other disciplinary issues is meant to be at the discretion of Mistress – not me. But as Mistress sent me to fetch a cane, I chose the next more venomous, the Senior School Cane.

I think Mistress was determined to ensure that it was as effective as the thin Dragon and every stroke after the initial six had me whimpering.

It didn’t end there either. Later on when Mistress was watching the TV, and I was plying her with cups of tea, I was told to fetch the paddle and got several sets of six while the advert brakes were on. The reason? Having to be asked to get her tea. Walking away while she was talking. Turning the TV over without permission.

Last night in bed we talked over how we both felt things were progressing. We looked back over the notes I had made recently about how I thought our DD could be improved upon and discussed maintenance punishment.

Mistress has adopted a hap-hazard system of some fast, some slow but – after reading the notes - says in future she’s going to give me 36 at a steady pace with no stopping for me to recompose myself.
That will be horrendous. At least at present I know I’ll get a breather after each 12, sometimes each six – depending on her mood. No breaks at all is worrying.

She also says she intends to assert more authority on me and is going to start picking up on anything that annoys her.

She explained why. When we were out shopping on Saturday she tried on a new hat and looked fabulous but then wasn’t quite sure of whether or not to buy it. I stepped forward with the money and paid for the hat there and then. I got that look from Mistress and walking away she said she was annoyed that I’d done that.

I thought she’d be happy with the new hat but I’d misread the whole situation. I think that’s why she was eager to cane me on Saturday evening – though it wasn’t mentioned as being a reason.
But last night in bed, she pointed out that she had been undecided about the hat and it should, quite rightly, be her decision to purchase – even if I was paying. She said I had embarrassed her and if it ever happened again, she’d turn the tables on me in public by putting me in my place in front of the shop assistant.

Of course, I apologised for my over-zealous efforts.

“If it happens again you will regret it,” Mistress warned. It’s always those little one-line comments that make the stomach turn. I’m sure she felt my heart racing as we cuddled up in bed.

Regaining my composure, I asked Mistress if she was happy we had restarted our DD lifestyle and she replied: “I would be if you did what you were told more often.”

I pointed out that Mistress had the power to correct me at any time.

She replied with a “hmmph!”

I asked if she will enjoy exerting even more authority over me. “I will, but my fear is that your wouldn’t like me if I really became the Mistress that your fantasise about. You don’t like being told what to do at the best of times and only do so in our relationship when it suits you. I don’t think your could cope with me being really strict with you. It’s what you need, but I think the only response I’ll get is a negative one from you.”

I explained I would try harder to be a more compliant submissive.

“You’ll have to,” she said, and rolled over and went to sleep.


  1. Nice post. good luck with the maintenance. It can come in fits and starts but is worth trying to keep up.


    1. Thanks Michael. It does come in fits and starts but I think we have sometrhing that can develop.