Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Scolding not caning

I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but I’m sorry to report that there’s still no resurgence in our DD regime as I’ve still not been passed fully fit by ‘matron’ to accept punishment.
Mistress is now becoming very frustrated with the situation and is becoming increasingly disappointed by my behaviour and attitude.

Only this morning, after I’d forgotten to put the shopping away, shopping that needed to be into the fridge, she said: “You really had better watch yourself. You might not be fit to cane right now but as soon as you are you will suffer. I’m noting all this slack behaviour and you will pay so I suggest you start bucking your ideas up now rather than later or you are going to be sore for days on end by the time you’ve paid for all this slackness.”

It was a proper dressing down and not only did it strike a tinge of fear in the pit of my stomach, it also made me feel like a child being scolded. That was the whole point and Mistress achieved exactly what she wanted.

Mistress is using other punishments, denying me certain pleasures for example, but, both of us agree, that there is nothing like the cane to correct bad behaviour or to relieve stress.

“You are different after I’ve caned you,” Mistress commented recently. “It’s just that your improved behaviour just never seems to last that long.”

I used to think that my ‘need’ to feel the cane at periodical times was just me but I’ve read lots of blogs where other males have spoken of the same compulsion. Even when we are practicing DD 24/7, and I’m getting regular weekly maintenance punishments, there are still times when that ‘need’ comes burning through. I struggle to understand that.  

I’ve never read of a wife or partner who is the dominant in a DD relationship who feels that same need to punish but I’ve certainly noticed that Mistress is missing the stress relief it gives her after she’s handed out a good thrashing. Do others notice the same in their partners?

This past week I’ve spent the days around the house in plastic pants (and a heavy raincoat) and have to say that what is an enjoyable sensation for an hour or so in them becomes quite uncomfortable if you are in them all day. You sweat like mad in this weather, you itch like mad, and the tight elastic on the legs and waist is most uncomfortable. But it’s some kind of self-imposed pleasure/punishment trip for me.
I’ve spent a fair amount of time on Fet Life recently too and discovered some interesting people into DD lifestyles – with some really good discussions - plus there are lots of people into rainwear and plastic pants.

I’ve also just watched a really intense punishment session on Hamster with a German dominatrix caning a poor chap. She methodically beats him in batches of 10 strokes at a time on his front thighs, back of his thighs and calf muscles and his feet. She also canes his bottom, not just the cheeks but the sides too and doesn’t hold back, leaving him with deep welts all over. The clip is over 38 minutes long and throughout it is the constant swish and crack of the cane. I’ve not counted the strokes but it’s a lot. Maybe I should watch it again and count them.

I prefer more traditional punishments aimed at ones bottom and tops of thighs but did find the film compulsive viewing – especially as the chap takes the beating so well. If only I had his fortitude. The Lady’s outfit is stunning too!

You can see the clip here:

I have a fascination with German disciplinarians. Their outfits tend to be severe and their whole demeanour seems so harsh and unyielding. The way they bark orders at the slaves is enough to strike fear in the heart. And the whippings – for that is what they are - are always savage.

It’s the sort of thing that fantasies are made of but would I like to suffer like that? I was thinking that watching the clip and for a once off, maybe it would be an experience, but I struggle enough with my 36-stroke weekly maintenance canings so I think I’ll keep that clip from Mistress. I don’t want to feed any more ideas – especially one this severe.

Going back to Fet Life, I have one on-line friend whom I correspond with. He’s also in a DD relationship – but a much stricter one than mine. He too has that ‘need’ and suffers some quite severe punishments and occasionally his partner calls upon another Lady disciplinarian to help administer them. Interestingly, he says his punishments are for correction but also act a stress relief for both partners.

But that dynamic of two very strict Ladies feeding off each to make the hapless male suffer does strike a chord with me – as I’m sure it does with many others who have this interest in a strict DD lifestyle and the corrective measure that are used to keep the relationship on an even keel. It’s another thing I don’t think I’ll mention to Mistress. I’m in enough trouble as it is.


  1. The guy in the video certainly gets a good seeing-to. And all because he left the washing out on the line when it was raining.
    My wife often enjoys using the cane on me when she has had a rough day at the office and I think my bottom gets what she would like to give her boss and one or two of the other managers.

  2. Sorry to hear that you are still unable to take one of her canings. I know how awful a scolding can be and would rather take a rather severe spanking than an extend scolding or the dreaded 'silent treatment'.

    And I totally agree with your comment about two Ladies administering a punishment and 'feeding off one another'.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you still haven't fully recovered from your health issues, yet. I cross my fingers for you to get well soon!