Monday, 23 July 2012

A punishment overdue

I’ve not updated the blog in some time now and I must apologise for that. I don’t have a huge amount of followers but I feel like I’ve let you all down.

But it’s for good reason nothing has appeared of late. Nothing has happened. At least nothing has happened within the FLR element of our lives.

Thankfully it’s not for lack of interest on either side of our relationship. The thing holding us back has been a minor health issue on my side that has meant regular physio and I don’t fancy trying to explain away cane marks on my bottom.

The interesting thing for me is that while I’ve almost enjoyed the hiatus from the ever present Thursday caning,  Mistress, it seems, can’t wait for things to get back to ‘normal.’

Only last night Mistress said; “You are becoming rather stressy. I think you could do with a dose of the cane.”

I could only agree.

As well as the corrective measure of our weekly maintenance punishments, they are also a great benefit in relieving stress of daily life and even tense moments in our relationship.

We’ve both noticed that the weekly sessions eradicated the tension totally and it’s only after three or weeks of no discipline we’ve both become aware of issues creeping in – thing like me questioning what Mistress might say. Not doing things immediately when asked. Leaving the dishes until the next morning. Just little things really.

However, even more worrying is that Mistreses also pointed out that that my attitude to her is becoming somewhat lacking and my language is becoming over-bearing. She is, of course, spot-on the mark. In other words, I’m regressing to my old lazy, slobbish self.

And if that wasn’t enough Mistress added: “You’ve always said you feel that we become much closer after a punishment session. I’m wondering if that bond is beginning to fail a little. You don’t seem nearly as attentive toward me as you were a few weeks ago.”

I think she is right – several issues are definitely adding up and could become a bigger problem if not nipped in the bud .

But then I posed the question: “Are you missing punishing me?”

“I’m missing giving you something that you clearly need,” was the short but very poignant response.

I think I know where the conversation is leading.