Sunday, 17 June 2012

The punishment of David

As I mentioned in my previous blog, things have been a bit quiet with our flr recently. However when Mistress was away on business last week I took the opportunity of catching up on what was happening in the net.

That included looking at my favourite blogs but also checking out some on my other places on the net I’ve not had a chance to look at in recent weeks.

It was good to find a couple of new video posts on spanking tube by daveken48. If their videos are any guide, the Lady I presume to be his wife instills a very strict disciplinary lifestyle on her husband and their punishment sessions shown remind me of ours.

David’s Lady is a powerful woman with the look of Victorian-style Governess who appears to suffer no nonsense. From the videos she seems very, very strict. I love her power-dressing. I love her lectures. Although a bit stilted in their delivery (it must be hard to relax when you know you are on video!), I can imagine daveken48 is cringing with humiliation and fear. I would be in his position.

David’s Lady’s caning technique is superb with every stroke delivered at full force and with accuracy. The poor man clearly suffers some very harsh punishments btu I’m sure they are deserved.

The latest is a two-part session starting with the mother of all paddlings, applied not only to his poor bottom but also to the backs of his legs.

I’ve never experience that kind of beating but can imagine the intense sting that David is suffering. When I mentioned the video clip to Mistress she immediately wanted to see it and I was worried afterwards by her only comment: ‘interesting.’

The caning that followed in part was a classic 48-stroke punishment.

David always presents himself in silky bloomers, apron and one of those ridiculous mop caps (I have to wear one occasionally and hate it) and was in trouble for not having iron them to the standard required. Not only that in her black book she lists four instances of failing to deliver the breakfast tray on time. They earn him 24 strokes

What I found really interesting was how his Lady was punishing him for shown a lack of respect to another female while they were out shopping.

What’s impressive is that she uses absolute force whether she’s paddling or caning poor David – and she maintain a tempo that gives him no time to recover between strokes. Give the severity, I think he takes his punishment with a great degree of fortitud,  although I'm not surprised he's wimpering in the final 24, but he never once breaks his position. Mind you, give his Lady’s severity woe betide him if he did.

The only shame is that David doesn’t maintain a blog because I’d love to know if these punishments are just occasional thrashings or if they do indeed live a full time domestic discipline regime. In a previous video his Lady mentioned it was a monthly punishment so maybe they do have some kind of maintenance regime like ours?

Below, is a link to another clip that interested me, purely on the grounds that it was another sample of an errant male being thrashed on the back of the legs.

The punishment is delivered by Lady Pandora, a professional disciplinarian I visited many years ago, way before my relationship with Mistress.

I once took a 36-stroke Judicial caning from Lady Pandora so I know she prides herself on very strict disciplinary methods and you can see poor James takes a really severe belting on the backs of his legs with that tawse.

I have to say that James ability to soak up each of those strokes without even moving is very, very impressive. But, once again, you would do anything to stay in postion rather than incurring any extra wrath from someone like Lady Pandora.

I know I refer to poor David and poor James because when I watch videos like this, where discipline is being meted out by a mature and very strict Lady, I can relate it to my own situation and know exactly what they are going through.


  1. MY WORD!!!! How could he stand that paddling and the caning. He must have been spanked so many times that he has calluses on his rear end.

    Brand new to your blog, came from Femdom101.


  2. Thanks for your comments jellybean. Poor David. If he had a blog, I'd love to read about his experiences. That is some punihsment session on the video clips. What an authoritarian Lady though!