Sunday, 17 June 2012

Public humiliation

It’s another frustrating time in our FLR. Work commitments are always putting pressure on the kind of lifestyle we’d like to lead  but a minor medical problem for me, meaning it’s not too good an idea to have a bottom covered in cane weals at the moment, has  meant missing a couple of maintenance sessions.

It doesn’t meant there’s any let up in Mistresses attitude to my behaviour and, if I’m honest, I think there’s a been a couple of occasions when I’ve escaped where I would normally have been across the bench.

One rather recent memorable moment came when we were shopping. We were at a cash machine for Mistress to draw some money so I said, ‘I’m going to my bank and get some money too,’ and started to walk away but had only taken two or three paces when I heard, ‘come here.’

I turned around and stood in front of Mistress. ‘Where do you think you are going?  You don’t just tell me and walk off do you? You ask permission.’

There were people in queue and I felt very embarrassed.  Part of me wanted to just walk off and ignore Mistress to escape the embarrassment. But I stayed riveted to the spot, flushing bright red, until Mistress had collected her money and then we walked together to get cash from my bank.

Nothing else was said. There was no need. It was just Mistresses way of showing her authority and putting me on my place. After my initial embarrassment had subside I felt a warm glow of satisfaction from knowing how much Mistress enjoys indulging in her dominance, playing to my submissive side.
We have many moments like this in the house but the experiences in public are few and far between but my do they hammer a message home when they happen.

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  1. Sounds like you weren't Respecting Mistress and She put you in your place. Maybe some cane weals would make you more attentive? That would be a real humiliation ;-)