Thursday, 28 June 2012

The reality of the cane

I was catching up on my favourite blogs when I read an interesting post on Michael’s always engaging where he was asking if any of us fantasised about visiting a professional disciplinarian.

He was pondering how well he might be able to take the severe cane or paddle strokes from a harsh and unforgiving Lady. I’m sure many of us have had the fantasy. But, from his previous posts, it sounds like his wife doesn’t hold back in punishing him so I was surprised he brought the subject up - because he might well have earned himself a severe punishment session from his wife as a result.

It was a thought provoking post though.

Before my relationship with Mistress I did occasionally visit professional disciplinarians to explore my fantasies.

I chose the disciplinarians with a reputation for being hard caners and received some fairly severe punishments but there was always a feeling that I was the one in control of the situation, and while they hurt me, I never felt like I’d been pushed beyond my limits.

If I’m honest, I lay part of that down to the way I approached the disciplinarian.

Maybe I wasn’t forthcoming enough to explain what I was looking for and maybe, because I was never a regular visitor to any one disciplinarian, none were prepared to really push me.

I always found that if I got a bit too vocal, the next few strokes would be a bit easier to take, so it was never like the real punishment I always wanted to experience. And, I suppose no matter how hard I tried to offer real faults for these people to cane me, it never felt like my guilt was being assuaged.

One lady who stood out though did give me a 36-stroke Judicial caning. That really hurt and took me places I never knew existed. To say I suffered is an understatement but even then, when it was finished, I wanted more.

But the biggest thing I could never overcome was going home feeling that something was really missing from those visits. I only realized what it was once I started dating Mistress and she agreed to indulge my fantasies by caning me. I think we both then discovered that incredible deep loving bond that comes with the flood of emotions after a punishment session.

The other aspect of being punished by the one you love is that limits don’t have to be respected. I’m not suggesting I’m being thrashed senseless but if the aim is to punish then it makes sense that suffering is part of the corrective process. It doesn’t make sense to a stick to any limit I might prefer. I’m delighted to say that Mistress is that ‘harsh, unforgiving Lady,’ when the mood takes her.

And finally, any time I receive the cane now is as a punishment for real faults so I always feel like I have learned a valuable lesson and the slate had been cleaned.

I suppose if Mistress herself came to a decision at some point that her punishments were not effective enough, and took it upon herself to book me an appointment with a professional disciplinarian, then I’d have no option but to go.

But it would have to be her suggestion and I’d hope she would insist on being present to witness that the punishment would be at a level of severity she deemed acceptable.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Naughty stool

Mistress came home pleased as punch yesterday. “I’ve bought you a present,” she said with a big smile that told me something was up. “It’s in the boot of my car. Go and fetch it. Now!”

I scurried off to the car and opened the boot. All that was in there was a very small stool. Certainly not big enough to be bent over. I couldn’t be a caning stool I thought.

I looked at it wondered what use it would actually be, except for maybe small child. The stool could not have been higher than 18” high with a seat that looked about 12” by 14”.

I took it back in to Mistress and looked at her. I could only say: “Mistress?”

“It’s your naughty stool. Do you like it? We’ll keep it in the conservatory. From now on, if you annoy me in any way, you will go upstairs change into your plastic punishment pants and heaviest pvc mackintosh and then you will go to the conservatory and either sit or stand on the naughty stool. And you will keep your hands on your head at all times while on the naughty stool.

“When I am ready, I will then decide if you warrant further punishment or not. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Well let’s try it then.”

I went upstairs and put on my plastic pants and mackintosh as directed, making sure all the buttons were done, including the neck tab, and then took the stool to the conservatory. Mistress told me to stand on it. I stepped up onto the stool and placed my hands on my head and felt a little foolish as Mistress did a couple of circles around me and then she disappeared into the house.

I was left to reflect on this rather unusual and unexpected turn of events.

The conservatory, like any other conservatory at this time of the year, is quite warm so I stood there, sweat dribbling, not just down my face, but I could feel it running down and inside my arms. It couldn’t escape because this heaviest of mackintoshes had elasticated cuffs.

I wondered how I’d cope in the winter when it would be really cold. It would be freezing stood there – even with a mackintosh on.

I also thought about what punishment might follow, and whether I’d end up back on the stool to contemplate that.

My mind went everywhere during my stool time. I was excited by Mistress’ authority and this new turn of events. But my arms and back ached like mad. I went from being very excited about my predicament to feeling rather bored, very bored in fact. But my moods ebbed and flowed. At one stage I noticed the increasing aroma of warm pvc which set my mind racing. But then I wondered how much time I’d been stood there and started to fidget around.

Mistress strode back into the conservatory at the instant I was shuffling. “Who told you could move. I’ll make it plain now that when you are on the naughty chair, you have to remain still. You can get down now…”

I was relieved that was over. But my joy was short-lived.

“Let’s have you sat on the chair now. Hands on head again.”

I did as I was told. I immediately realised standing was infinitely more comfortable than sitting, knees up, hunched over with my hands on my head like that.

I must have been there no more than ten minutes when Mistress came back.

“Right, time’s up. Let’s see you bent over it now. Come on, on your knees.”

I got on all fours over the stool. I knelt over the seat which made a platform for my stomach and thrust my bottom outwards as I tucked my legs tight to the stool legs.

“Hmmm, I can fasten you arms and legs quit nicely. Okay, you can get up now. You can make me a cup of  tea.”

So I wasn’t going to be thrashed at this instant. But I knew I would be over that stool at some time i nthe very near future. And I was thinkingh the stool would be too low for Mistress to use it as a punihsment stool.

On thing Mistress has enjoyed in the past is whacking me with the tawse or paddle while I’ve been on all fours in front of her while she’s been sat on the sofa. ‘Perhaps that’s what she had in mind,’ I thought and I made the tea.

Never a dull moment in our house.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The punishment of David

As I mentioned in my previous blog, things have been a bit quiet with our flr recently. However when Mistress was away on business last week I took the opportunity of catching up on what was happening in the net.

That included looking at my favourite blogs but also checking out some on my other places on the net I’ve not had a chance to look at in recent weeks.

It was good to find a couple of new video posts on spanking tube by daveken48. If their videos are any guide, the Lady I presume to be his wife instills a very strict disciplinary lifestyle on her husband and their punishment sessions shown remind me of ours.

David’s Lady is a powerful woman with the look of Victorian-style Governess who appears to suffer no nonsense. From the videos she seems very, very strict. I love her power-dressing. I love her lectures. Although a bit stilted in their delivery (it must be hard to relax when you know you are on video!), I can imagine daveken48 is cringing with humiliation and fear. I would be in his position.

David’s Lady’s caning technique is superb with every stroke delivered at full force and with accuracy. The poor man clearly suffers some very harsh punishments btu I’m sure they are deserved.

The latest is a two-part session starting with the mother of all paddlings, applied not only to his poor bottom but also to the backs of his legs.

I’ve never experience that kind of beating but can imagine the intense sting that David is suffering. When I mentioned the video clip to Mistress she immediately wanted to see it and I was worried afterwards by her only comment: ‘interesting.’

The caning that followed in part was a classic 48-stroke punishment.

David always presents himself in silky bloomers, apron and one of those ridiculous mop caps (I have to wear one occasionally and hate it) and was in trouble for not having iron them to the standard required. Not only that in her black book she lists four instances of failing to deliver the breakfast tray on time. They earn him 24 strokes

What I found really interesting was how his Lady was punishing him for shown a lack of respect to another female while they were out shopping.

What’s impressive is that she uses absolute force whether she’s paddling or caning poor David – and she maintain a tempo that gives him no time to recover between strokes. Give the severity, I think he takes his punishment with a great degree of fortitud,  although I'm not surprised he's wimpering in the final 24, but he never once breaks his position. Mind you, give his Lady’s severity woe betide him if he did.

The only shame is that David doesn’t maintain a blog because I’d love to know if these punishments are just occasional thrashings or if they do indeed live a full time domestic discipline regime. In a previous video his Lady mentioned it was a monthly punishment so maybe they do have some kind of maintenance regime like ours?

Below, is a link to another clip that interested me, purely on the grounds that it was another sample of an errant male being thrashed on the back of the legs.

The punishment is delivered by Lady Pandora, a professional disciplinarian I visited many years ago, way before my relationship with Mistress.

I once took a 36-stroke Judicial caning from Lady Pandora so I know she prides herself on very strict disciplinary methods and you can see poor James takes a really severe belting on the backs of his legs with that tawse.

I have to say that James ability to soak up each of those strokes without even moving is very, very impressive. But, once again, you would do anything to stay in postion rather than incurring any extra wrath from someone like Lady Pandora.

I know I refer to poor David and poor James because when I watch videos like this, where discipline is being meted out by a mature and very strict Lady, I can relate it to my own situation and know exactly what they are going through.

Public humiliation

It’s another frustrating time in our FLR. Work commitments are always putting pressure on the kind of lifestyle we’d like to lead  but a minor medical problem for me, meaning it’s not too good an idea to have a bottom covered in cane weals at the moment, has  meant missing a couple of maintenance sessions.

It doesn’t meant there’s any let up in Mistresses attitude to my behaviour and, if I’m honest, I think there’s a been a couple of occasions when I’ve escaped where I would normally have been across the bench.

One rather recent memorable moment came when we were shopping. We were at a cash machine for Mistress to draw some money so I said, ‘I’m going to my bank and get some money too,’ and started to walk away but had only taken two or three paces when I heard, ‘come here.’

I turned around and stood in front of Mistress. ‘Where do you think you are going?  You don’t just tell me and walk off do you? You ask permission.’

There were people in queue and I felt very embarrassed.  Part of me wanted to just walk off and ignore Mistress to escape the embarrassment. But I stayed riveted to the spot, flushing bright red, until Mistress had collected her money and then we walked together to get cash from my bank.

Nothing else was said. There was no need. It was just Mistresses way of showing her authority and putting me on my place. After my initial embarrassment had subside I felt a warm glow of satisfaction from knowing how much Mistress enjoys indulging in her dominance, playing to my submissive side.
We have many moments like this in the house but the experiences in public are few and far between but my do they hammer a message home when they happen.