Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Reinforcing her regime

I’d not seen Mistress much over the weekend. I did some work on the house. She was out with girlie friends shopping on Saturday and then spent Sunday having Sunday lunch with her parents to leave me to get on with things at home. I was working on the Bank Holiday so there had been no chance to further discuss our latest flr regime developments.

When I came home yesterday evening I closed the front door behind me and shouted a hello on my way to the kitchen to drop off my bag. I spotted a couple of things Mistress must have bought on one of the chairs and took a quick peek at them, put the kettle on and then sauntered into the living room.

Mistrss had that look. “What have you been doing in the kitchen?”

“Nothing. I dropped off my bag and looked at those bits you bought. Where did you get them?”

“Never mind that, go and get the cane.”

“What have I done Mistress?”

Notice I added the word Mistress this time. Mention of the cane changed the dynamic – but then I should have known by the look.

“Should you question Mistress?”

“No Mistress.”

“Well go and get the cane.”

I went upstairs to the wardrobe. Stripped off. Put on my punishment pants and looked at the collection of canes. My bottom was still stripped and bruised. I really couldn’t face any more from the thin Dragon. But I knew it was the cane Mistress would want.

I went back downstairs. I wasn’t ready for this. But ‘it’ll only be 12,’ I told myself.

“What was the one big thing we discussed last week about the rules?”

“I must pay more attention to you Mistress.”

“Exactly. You come in from work and ignore me to go and put the kettle. I think, ignoring your Mistress deserves the cane.”

She gave me 12 hard, slowly delivered strokes, followed by 12 fast ones, followed by 12 more slow and hard ones. I wasn’t far off blubbing in the final 12. Any thought of a mere12 had been very wide of the mark.

Mistress released me from the bench and handed me the cane.

“Put it away. Bring me the paddle.”

And I had foolishly thought it was over. The paddling was vicious and I was writhing around all over the place and making quit a fuss. It made no difference and Mistress laid into me until she decided enough was enough. The effort had left her breathing heavy. I was wimpering again.

“Perhaps that will help you become more attentive,” said Mistress, handing me the paddle. “Now I will have that cup of tea thank you.”

It was a very different welcome home but an interesting development as I can't ever remember Mistress being quit so strict and unyeilding with me before.


  1. Wow. Your last two posts have been incredible, it definitely sounds as if your FLR is going to another level...hope you remember to dote on Mistress before doing anything else from now on! Wishing you both good luck as your journey continues!

    1. Adoring My Wife: Our flr has reached a different level and yes, I'm trying my best to pay more attention to Mistress. Thanks.

  2. Hi
    I have not had access to the net recently and am only now catching up.
    You are beginning to get what you desired by the look of it.
    Hope you enjoy. Good write ups.

    1. Ah. Had missed you not posting on your blog. I think we've started to turn things around for the better - but it's painful experience