Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Punishment pants

When I’m sent upstairs to fetch the cane for punishment there’s one other item I always have to take out the wardrobe and put on. A pair of my punishment pants.

I have a love hate relationship with these see-through plastic pants. I love the feel of the cool, hard material against my bare flesh. I hate the fact that even though I pull the elastic waist band as high as it will go to present myself correctly dressed, I know that in a few minutes I’ll be bent over and Mistress will be pulling them down to cane my bare bottom.

The pants consist of copious material so even on the fittest, healthiest male, they would look incongruous. On me, being overeweight, they look hideous. They are baggy,  designed to be worn with a terry pad or folded toweling sheet for those with incontinence - or for those who enjoy an adult baby fetish.

We bought a pair initially to stop those little secretions from dribbling on to the carpet when I’m ‘on parade’ or bent over ‘the bench’. When I’m bent over, only the part of the pants covering my bottom are peeled back to present the bare flash for the cane. The front part of my body remains covered.

When I pull on my pants upstairs it heightens my senses – and I suppose increases the excitement of the impending punishment. But  once downstairs in the study, the excitement quickly turns to embarrassment when I’m stood in front of Mistress, cane laid across my palms to present the implement for her use. I cringe when she looks me up and down, me stood there with the high-waisted pants pulled as tight as they go, right up over my waistline.

But I suppose deep down it’s part of my submission, offering myself open for ridicule – though Mistress never makes comment of my clothing. Unless the pants are not pulled up tight.

I’ve asked her what she really thinks of me dressed like that and she accepts it as who I am and part of our punishment regime.

There are four such pants in the wardrobe. We bought them from Shop4pvc (http://www.shop4pvc.co.uk/). The first pair we bought were bloomers in a material called ‘Translucent Ultra Soft Euroflex Polyurethane’.
According to the Shop4pvc website, this space age Euroflex Polyurethane has a unique rubbery feel and is unaffected by both bodily fluids and lubricants which give them fantastic longevity.

I can concur with that. And they are certainly the softest of the four pairs.

Then we have a pair of Euroflex ultra-high waisted pull-on pants which are high-waisted with fully enclosed leg and waist elastics. The site says the wide crotch and full cut rear offer maximum protection whilst the forward facing legs achieve a comfortable fit. And that the fabulous pants are made even better by the fact that they are made in unique space age Euroflex Polyurethane which has a wonderful rubbery feel but I’ve found that the fabric is quite stiff.

Then I have two pairs of high-waisted snap-on pants, produced by Gary Manufacturing (as are all the pants - rather apt considering my blogging nom de plume) in white .007 thickness vinyl.

Shop4 pvc says they come with fully enclosed waist and leg elastics and deep welded side seams. There are six-snap popper fastenings per side and the forward facing legs ensure a comfortable fit. With wide crotch and full cut rear these pants offer maximum coverage for full protection.

These are my favourites. I like the look of the white pvc and the line of poppers down the sides. I have one pair in XL which are really loose and baggy and are really awful looking, and therefore ideal for humiliation punishment. The other pair in L, really my size, have very tight leg elastics, which make you constantly aware of the restriction the elastic has on the tops of the thighs.

Of course I’m painting a conflicting picture that these pants are humiliating to wear and only for punishment but if I’m honest, they have become part of our regime and it would be strange to present myself for punishment without wearing them.

The worrying thing on my mind however, is that Mistress will one day make me wear them under my normal clothes when we go outside the house. She’s mentioned it a couple of times but never actually insisted, but I fear the day she does because even the softest bloomers create quite a rustle when moving around while the rest crackle and creak. Even with trousers covering them, imagine the noise with each step!

(pix from Shop4pvc website)


  1. Wow - you guys are really into the pvc thing aren't you?

    I can imagine your excitement when you are putting them on. I get a real tingle when I am wearing my punishment knickers and waiting in the corner.

    I had not even imagined these items of yours were made.
    You should certainly be told to wear these outside the house - maybe on an evening when you are meeting friends.

  2. hello mistress my name is katherine i have been an AB-DL over 10 years i wear my nappies and pink plastic pants 24-7 and when i do my shoping i love the feeling of the thickness of the cloth nappy and the plastic pants around my legs i just had my bed room changed into a babys room panted in light pink with a new cot in pink made for me i love dressing up as a little girl i beleave there is a little girl in all of as ok i love your site keep up the good work by now from baby katherine in australia.