Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mackintoshes to put a shine on bad weather

All this rain we’ve been having has set me thinking about a new raincoat or jacket. Not something to wear around the house but something I can wear in public.

I’ve got my Weathervain sbr mackintosh but I wanted something with more convenient, something with a hood that makes it useable in all weathers - almost like a cagoule but in more lavish pvc or rubber that I can enjoy wearing than conventional nylon fabrics that almost everyone else wears.

After a lot of surfing around I came up with these options – all by Rimo Mantelmode in Germany. Rimo offer a huge range of raincoats and jackets in vinyl and latex – some of them outrageous fantasy cloaks with copious layers of shiny fabric but they also offer a lot of more basic rainwear items that you would feel comfortable wearing in the street.

I’m erring towards the blue cagoule because I like it’s simplicity – though I’d order mine in either black or brown – although if they had a more reddish brown or even a lighter tan in the same shiny pvc I’d go for that.

I also like the green parka but, if anything it’s got that touch of some Rimo coats in that it’s slightly too fussy for me.

The red and brown parkas are in a heavy latex material and look great (both are available in male or female versions) but my enthusiasm for shiny pvc is still winning the day.

I’ve asked Rimo if they could supply some small swatches of material to help make my decision. Shiny pvc is okay if it’s quite heavy but I’m not a great fan of the lighter PU rainwear – and to me, it’s more the kind of material used in the copious amount of high-street rainwear.

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