Friday, 4 May 2012

Learning what a real thrashing feels like

I didn’t get the weekly maintenance punishment session I half expected from Mistress after our conversation.

What I got was probably the most severe thrashings that I’ve ever had and left me yelping after each burning stroke and on the verge of tears.

I’d half expected the punishment when Mistress came home last night but she said nothing and we went to bed as if the conversation had never happened.

We spent today together. Again, nothing was said about our flr when we lay in bed much longer than usual, just cuddled up and quietly chatting about other normal real life issues.

We had out own things to do in the morning but I was lounging around in a pvc mackintosh and pants so Mistress had an inkling of my mindset. It just seemed that she had no interest at all.

Then just when we were thinking about going out to lunch, Mistress came downstairs carrying the thin Dragon cane.

“I want you changed and back here in five minutes,” was all she said. “Off you go!”

I returned, stripped apart from the pvc bloomers, wrist cuffs on ready to go over the bench, and stood to attention in front of the bench, waiting for Mistress to come into the room.

She stood in front of me flexing the cane between fingers so dainty and sensitive you could not imagine the strength she could possess to whip that cane down so hard.

“This punishment you are about to receive is to remind you of your place. When this is over you are taking me to lunch. You will address me as Mistress when we are out and you will follow me when we go shopping. You will not saunter off, looking in shops you want to look in like you normally do. You will pay proper attention to me at all times. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Bend over the bench.”

I’m sure, as any of you who have not been caned regularly will attest, that there’s sudden intense shock of the first few strokes. At four I was squirming and wriggling my burning bottom sideways to try and escape but Mistress said, “Back in place. You will take six.”

I did but Mistress then left the room. I was scared I’d annoyed her enough to forget about the beating but she was soon back in the room.

She said nothing and the next thing was a brief swish and I felt the thud of a thicker rod, which I later realised was our Senior School cane. I took 12. It was a different hurt to the thin Dragon. But it still hurt.
Then I was being paddled. Real rapid fire swats, maybe a couple of dozen. I wasn’t counting. It was all I could do to catch my breath. I had no idea what she was using to such devastating effect. The whacks across the tops of my thighs really smarted. It was our Quality Control spoon-shaped paddle in double-thickness hide. I’d never experienced the intensity of sting like that before from it.

No sooner had Mistress put that to one side I was being caned again. Really deep hard whacks with the thicker Senior School cane. I could feel the moisture in my eyes and realised I was getting vocal. 12 of those. Then six more with the thin Dragon and Mistress was down in front of me releasing my wrists.

She stood smiling at my predicament. “Right, we can go to lunch now. Remember what I said.”
Lunch was like nothing had happened, except when I picked up a newspaper to scan. I just got the look.
When I got up to go to the toilet before leaving the café I got a very surprised look. “Where do you think you are going? You didn’t ask permission to go anywhere.”

“I need the toilet.”

Raised eyebrows.

“Mistress, please may I go to the toilet?”

My squirming was received with a knowing smirk. I wondered what the elderly couple made of the conversation if they heard it.

We did some shopping then returned home. Again it was like nothing had happened until I offered to make Mistress a cup of tea later in the afternoon.

“Hmmm, I think it’s time you went over the bench again.”

This time I got a good whacking with the paddle first. Followed by 12 really full force strokes with the Senior School cane.

“Hurt did they?” Mistress asked, almost mocking me.

“Yes Mistress,” I mumbled.

“That’s how the cane should be given don’t you think?”

Her voice was strident. She was loving this.

My stomach churned at the thought of that kind of punishment on a regular basis. I thought the thin Dragon had been a weapon. This was every bit as bad. I’ve read that a warm-up with the paddle first dulls the pain of the cane. Believe me, I felt every single stroke of that cane this time.

She used the thin Dragon next. 12 really quick ones. It was over again.

“I’ll have that tea now.”

I was dismissed again and checked on my bottom. Very red all over with a band of purple on check a good inch wide on my right buttock cheek. The heat was quite something too.

I sat quietly reflecting on my fate. I was still a bit shaky and sweating but there was a wave of euphoria that we were actually getting back on track. It wasn’t over. The canes were still out on the table, poised for another onslaught and I didn’t have to wait long.

Once I had the meal in the oven, Mistress told me to fetch the paddle and get over the footstool with my bottom in the air.

She gave me the most ferocious paddling I’ve experienced and I was close to tears when she told me to stand and face her. I felt myself whimpering.

“Why are you crying?”

“It hurts Mistress.”

“It’s what you wanted isn’t it? What you needed?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She pointed to the bench. Reluctantly, I bent over it.

“Fast or slow?”

“Slow please Mistress.”

Although I knew the searing strokes from the thin Dragon she had in her hand would be harder to take than a quick-fire session, I chose slow. I asked myself why I did that as the first stroke bit me.

She gave me 12 strokes, again as hard as I’ve ever had. There were a couple of spots of blood where the skin had grazed.

There had been nothing pleasurable about any of the three sessions today. This had been the punishment I knew I deserved. And, if I’m honest I needed.

Over dinner we talked about our domestic discipline regime and how Mistress expected my behaviour to improve.

“Please may I ask one question Mistress?”

“You may.”

My heart was thumping again but I had to ask.

“Does this mean that Thursday maintenance punishments are re-instated?”

“Of course it does. But if you ever refuse a session again, you know the consequences, the flr you say you desperately want will end there and then.”

“Yes Mistress.”


  1. I have been reading your last few posts wondering where things would go. It appears that this post answers it.

    Wow, your description left me doubting if I could have endured such a day. Its interesting to contrast the way various couples practice their FLR.

    1. Hi Ken, Yes, I received what was due. It was a challenge but only what I deserved. To be totally honest, I read your blog posts and wince when you talk about your paddlings, especially that Spencer paddle. I find it really difficult to tkae the paddle, worse so than the cane. But then again, when our good ladies have a mind to punish properly, I think we are all destined to suffer!

  2. All I can say is, "Wow." Your narrative was very graphic, but I was transfixed. I think it is interesting that the whole FLR arrangement is what she will withhold as the ultimate punishment for you.

    1. MsNaydi, I agree. The ultimate sanction of cancelling the entire flr regime would be a terrible punishment.

  3. If you really want a FLR with your wife you may have to endure increasingly severe sessions such as this. I hope you don't give up prematurely; you may find fulfillment of your desire if you adhere to her direction.

    1. dave94015, I don't think the severity can increase much more. What I see as a way forward for both of us is a more consistent level of discipline where Mistress maintains this higher level of strict authority over me. It's all about ensuring I don't forget my place again.

  4. It sounds like you got what you really needed.
    Her threat to withhold the flr is really the only possible sanction. Anything else is as subject to your consent as your submission to her discipline is in the first place. I hope for your sake that the sanction is unneeded.

    Faile x

    1. ourchangingviews: I too hope we don't ever reach that sanction. Intersted in the way you aid I got what I needed. I have had that 'need' for the cane i nthe past, and if I'm honest I did feel that need this time. What I think I got however, was what I deserved - a real punishment caning. I think ther's a subtle difference there. Would you agree with that?