Thursday, 10 May 2012

Boot Camp continues

Today is maintenance punishment day. That’s 36 strokes of the thin Dragon. I’m not looking forward to it.

I was caned again yesterday. This time Mistress came in from work and I had the tea all cooked ready.
She walked in and said, “fetch the cane now, I want to relieve some stress.”

For the umpteenth time this past week, Mistress caught me on the hop. I really wasn’t expecting any more discipline until today but I did as I was told and rushed aback downstairs, stripped to my punishments pants, cane in hand.

“You ignored the rules when we were out this morning. You went off and looked in shops you wanted to look in when we agreed you would follow me. You also argued over where to have lunch. Bend over.”
I did actually ask permission to look in another shop but it had been declined. The mere fact I asked was wrong.

The argument over where to have lunch was my suggesting one café had a better choice of food than the one Mistress preferred. Don’t question Mistress is the rule.

I got the now familiar 36; 12 slow, 12 fast, 12 slow and I was wimpering as usual.

This has been a Boot Camp week like no other and while Mistress has picked up on faults that deserve punishment, she’s also been stringent in her application of the rules like never before. There is no question who is in charge.

We discussed things last night and both agreed that such intense use of the cane could not be sustained due to the potential for tissue damage to my poor bottom. But we also both agreed that this Boot Camp style, though not planned, had been an effective way to kickstart our flr and should be used again in future if warranted.

We also agreed that our future disciplinary procedure should continue to focus on the weekly maintenance punishment caning because it is a routine to keep me on the right path and correct my various faults during the week.

But we both feel that any subsequent issues that crop up during the week can be dealt with by using the paddle or strap, or even other forms of punishment – such as corner time or lines etc. However the cane is always there if the fault is deemed to warrant a more severe form of correction.


  1. So here you are. Almost getting the cane daily. I hope that tonight goes well, although your Mistress may just teach you a lesson in obedience by not thrashing you.
    However it goes, I hope you enjoy it and get into the submissive zone in your head, with or without the strokes on your bottom.

  2. Hi Michael, I think I'm already in that zone. You are perfectly correct about Mistress. Not thrashing me could easily be an option.

  3. In response to your reply about my comment from the last post: I meant no disrespect or criticism; I was attempting to compliment your FLR because your wife is "sensitive" to your needs and PHYSICAL condition. In any other "setting," as I said, this WOULD be an abusive relationship.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog--have done so for several months, and I find it ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!!!

    1. Thanks bobcat. Glad you enjoy the blog.