Thursday, 5 April 2012

The threat of the cane

It has been a quiet time for our flr which is why I’ve not been blogging much of late.

It is weeks since I received the cane.

Even Thursday maintenance, it seems, has been set aside for the time being. Mistress and I have both had other r/l issues to deal with.

It seems that there’s little we can do when there is so much else going on around us. I think we’ve both noticed a slackening of discipline in our relationship as a result. I’m guilty of not jumping when Mistress says. Mistress hasn’t the time to correct my faults.

I’ve read before that there needs to be consistency on both sides in an flr. It seems that we’ve lost that consistency for the moment.

But as we’re both aware of the situation, I’m sure it’ll be put right we have the proper amount of time set aside to get things on track properly.

I know I need the discipline to keep me on track and, if there was every doubt in my mind that Mistress was missing exercising her authority over me, she put my in my place properly this morning.

We lie in bed and I was feeling close to her and made my advances.

“You needn’t get any ideas about that,” she said in a terse manner that sent a shiver down my spine as I shifted back to my side of the bed. “There’s no sex for you until you’ve had a good dose of corporal punishment again. You don’t deserve any pleasures until we’ve corrected a few of your faults.”

“Sorry Mistress.”

“I want you firmly back on track with things in this house. Don’t think I’ve not noticed how slack things are. If we had some free time you would be very sore, believe me.”

I did believe. The words were wringing in my head.

I’m in that cycle where you go so long without the cane that you start to wonder if you really want to be bent over the bench again to suffer.

Of course you do because it’s in your make up, but even so, it’s a daunting prospect.

I’m also in that cycle of complacency that comes, for me at least, when the discipline regime is not in place.
At least I’ve been left with no doubt in Mistresses mind how she wants our relationship to continue. I should never have doubted her really.

Even though we go through these quiet times, there’s always going to be the need for a cane in our house.


  1. Hi
    There is an absence of spankings and thrashings in our household as well.
    Maybe Spring will bring them back.

    Personally I think there is such a lot of pressure in keeping the household together financially these days, that all the fun has gone out of living.
    There is no time to look after each others sexual and romantic needs any longer.
    I have written a list of misbehaviour and I will try presenting it to my wife this weekend to see if it brings the punishment I crave.
    Good luck.
    Michael M

  2. How is that a threat, when u long for it?