Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Painful hotel whipping

How many times have you been away from home and your good lady has been annoyed by your behaviour but not been able to correct your faults until she got you home?

Mistress has tried in the past to punish me with a bath brush in a hotel room – we went out and bought on specifically that night - but we both felt the noise of the swats, and my moans were too loud to continue. Boy did I suffer when I got home after that weekend!

We also tried taking a shorter length cane but found it ineffective as a corrective tool.

I’d spotted several discussions on the internet about such events and found mentions of a Loopy Johnny, three neoprene rubber loops set in a plain wrapped handle. Everyone commented that a) the whip created very little noise, 2) it delivered a really stinging blow and 3) the most disturbance was created by the recipient howling.

Mistress suggested I order one and it arrived last week, just in time to accompany us on a weekend away in the city.

At first sight it looks a fairly innocuous instrument of punishment. It’s very light. The handle is 16cm long while the longest of the rubber loops, at full stretch, is only 30cm long and the shortest is 28c with the loops just 3mm in diameter.

It’s really light in weight and can be easily carried in Mistresses handbag. But it’s a really deceptive tool and, when Mistress punished me the other night with it, I was left gasping.

It really is perfect for hotel rooms because, as everyone said on the internet forums, its swish is very quiet. But its sting is deadly. It produces a really intense sensation, and when lash quickly follows lash, it’s very effective as a punishment tool and very hard to take with any good grace. I ended up writhing all over the place which annoyed Mistress who thrashed me all the more – stopping every dozen or so lashes to tell me to keep quiet. In reality, we had no qualms that the neighbours would hear us. It really is a good tool to use in a hotel room.

It just means there’s now no escape from punishment if Mistress feels the need to beat me.

She certainly didn’t spare me the other night and lashed the sides of my thighs, tops of my legs as well as my bottom to leave me with burning red swathe all over my nether regions, little red loops all marking the extremities of the redness.

It’s not as severe as the thin Dragon we use for maintenance punishment but it certainly got my attention and brought me out in a sweat from the sheer pain.

We both thought it was really effective and had the desired effect of bringing me swiftly to heel when I was misbehaving. Mistress was delighted and said it’s going to be a regular accompaniment to our weekends away in future.

Loopy Johnny is available from Adam and Gillian’s Sensual Whips and Toys (, priced $75.


  1. I guess Cora has no concern about others hearing us in a hotel as I have been spanked with hairbrush and paddle many times during the times when I was on business trips and had her accompany me.

    Yes, those loopy things can quietly deliver quite a health dose of discipline. We have one of the Delrin Loop things from Caneiac and it is truly vicious. I think that my yelling in pain would certainly exceed the dB level of any impact of paddle or hairbrush.

    Anyway we are glad that your Mistress has the necessary tools to make any necessary 'correction' while traveling.


  2. This is a very handy toy for travel. We have something very similar which my wife calls the Little Red Whip.
    Enjoyed your post.

  3. Hi,my good lady always packs the clothes brush when we travel,but she uses the bristle side on me.this doesn`t make hardly any sound but 100s of tiny holes in my bottom it leaves its make for days and stings .davetouchintoes

  4. Thank you for this great tip. Noise is such a problem for punishing in hotel rooms.

  5. Ken: I guess the Derlin loop you have creates some impressive marks too.

    Michael M: Little Red Whip sounds so innocuous. bet it doesn't feel that way.

    david: Ouch! I remember Mistress tried that on my bottom and left a lot of tiny pin holes that produce litle flacks of blood.

    Ms Scarlet: Glad to be of service Ma'am.