Thursday, 29 March 2012

The aesthetics of the cane and ritual

Crooked handled cane or straight? Either way it’s going to be a painful experience for the person bent over receiving it.

But aesthetically, which do you prefer?

I think it’s a case of the cane in its rightful place. The crookhandled cane somehow strikes a pang of fear in the pit of my stomach when I see it hanging on the door when I walk into the study. And it looks foreboding just laying there on the top of the desk while Mistress gives me the lecture I thoroughly deserve. A straight cane, which is never quite straight is it,  just doesn’t stir the same emotions in me in those situations.

I suppose it’s because I associate the crook handle cane with schoolrooms, where the cane might be hanging next to the blackboard. Or on the headmaster’s desk when you are stood there getting that lecture. I wish I'd experienced that fearful episode at school. And where you might see a crookhandled cane, you know it’s going to get a lot of use.

Mistress just doesn’t have that same degree of severity with the crook handle cane in her hand but that’s maybe because she doesn’t actually like using one? And I'm aware of that so in my head I know she's not at ease?

But Mistresses standing there, flexing the straight cane, with its leopardskin binding on the handle (ours come from Quality Control and you can get different colour bindings) is a totally different thing. That whispy thin yellow rod  just adds to her air of authority.

I suppose that relates to the images of Governesses that I’ve seen over the years. And I, rightly or wrongly, associate the straight cane with more judicial type punishments, punishments with a higher degree of severity than a typical school-type six of the best.

I know that scholars of the cane would argue that the crook handle of the traditional school cane imparts a degree of stiffness at the handle end for greater control. But on the other hand, isn’t a straight cane more whippy and therefore, capable of imparting an even smarter sting? Opinions please?

Talking of aesthetics, when we use to play  CP games (my term for our pre D/D lifestyle) Mistress used to dress for the occasions, sometimes in PVC or leather outfits, shiny boots or stilettos, sometimes even a long black or deep red dress – or even a short black skirt with white blouse. But since we adopted this D/D regime those outfits are left in the warddrobe. She’s not change at all and the entire punishment routine is carried out in her normal attire – whatever she happens to be wearing at the time. There have been times we’ve come in from shopping and she simply throws her coat of the sofa and tells me to fetch the cane.

I, of course, still have to present myself for punishment in what I’m told to wear, normally nothing more than my plastic punishment pants.

But although my fantasies used to be very strong on the typically thigh-booted dominatrix theme, I have to say that Mistress not dressing up for the occasion has actually been the right thing for both of us. When you live a domestic discipline regime the dynamic changes. It’s not like planning to go to see a professional disciplinarian where you map out a plan for each visit and describe your likes, dislikes and get what you pay for. And you get your head in the right space for that appointment.

In our lifestyle, Mistress is in charge and therefore determines who wears what and what the punishment might be. And when.

And, that's the important factor. You don’t plan. You never know when punishment might occur (apart from our weekly maintenance sessions) which also means that you never quite have your head in the right place to prepare for it either.

But that also means you live with a different mentality. I think that knowledge that the cane can be used at any time increases my submissive nature and, as a result I am 'much better behaved' towards Mistress than if we didn't have this regime in place.

And by not going through the rigmarole of getting changed to beat me, I think Mistress is actually sending me a message that this is not a game, she is very serious about her position as head of house and therefore any punishment session is going to be very real.

Have any of you gone through this kind of change in style in your punishment procedures over the years?

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  1. Hi
    We went through the exact same phases, moving from my wife dressing as a severe dominatrix to her just wearing normal clothes when she disciplined me.
    On the other hand I have a fairly standard set of clothing which I am expected to wear for punishments, consisting of a white polo shirt, blue pants and white socks. On privilege days I am told to wear a pair of a knickers or a thong.
    Good to hear that things are going well for you on the D/s front.

    Things are not quite the same here – too much stress- but one day I hope we will get back to it.