Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Intensity of a DD lifestyle

‘There is always Sunday,’ I said in my last blog post, suggesting that I felt Mistress’ weekend of keeping me under close scrutiny and punishing me for everything last fault that annoyed her wasn’t over. I wasn’t wrong because I got another dose of the cane that evening for flippancy. Another 36 strokes. And even though Mistress was in a more lenient mode, it still stung on top of my rather angry looking collections of welts and bruises.

Ken, who pens the excellent blog commented on my post that he is amazed how intense the relationship Mistress and I have.

It’s true that we do have some days where things are very intense. But other times there can be days of no mention of our DD regime, although the Mistress tags is rarely dropped in the house these days and I keep on top of me chores the best I can.

This weekend was typical of the intensity of our DD relationship though where, as I’ve said, I’m under close scrutiny and suffer for virtually every small fault – as well as the major ones.

It’s weekends like that which help bring our flr back into focus an I have to say that  it’s a source of intense satisfaction I feel living days like that. I’m not sure my bottom could survive more than a long weekend of that kind of treatment but I really do relish the times when Mistress adopts an authoritarian air. It’s difficult to explain why I get such a buzz from bossed around, checked-up on and then beaten when things aren’t to Mistress’ satisfaction.

But I really admire the effort she puts into the DD side of things now. It’s not an easy lifestyle, in fact its downright challenging but it really adds a spark to our time together at home. And, like Ken said, it can become very intense.

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