Saturday, 4 February 2012

DD pillow talk in the early hours

It’s 2.35am. I know because I’ve just checked the time on my phone. I can’t sleep in this stuffy hotel room.

“What time is it?”

“2.35 Mistress.”

“Why did you wake me up?”

“I didn’t Mistress. I just checked the time.”

“You’re arguing with me. Not good. The light woke me. You’re not doing very well are you? Twice today you were in the wrong place on the elevator. And you let me get separate from you on the metro. Now this. I’m not happy.”

Mistress seems to revel more and more with this authoritarian attitude. I asked her a while back if she was getting fed up with me because I wasn’t sure how to take her now-found role. Was she doing it purely for my benefit or was I just really annoying her?

On the contrary she said, she loved me dearly but if I wanted a DD relationship, then I’d have to expect to be treated in the way I’d told her I wanted to be treated.

I suppose its conversations like that one – and this latest one at 2.35 am which make you realise that you really are living a DD lifestyle.

The rule we’ve had for some time now is to always stand below Mistress on the way down on the elevators, and behind her on the way up. That way Mistress is always able to look down on me. I got caught up in the crowd and was too late getting on the elevator to getting the correct place.

The other thing is that I must always pay attention to Mistress and look out for in the crowds when we’re in the city. We had become separated that evening and some ignorant oaf had bounced into her as he rushed for his train. My fault.

This discussion continued in bed. “It’s always something with you. When are you going to learn? You’ve already got a maintenance punishment this weekend. And now you’ve earned a much more serious beating.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.”

Her air of authority, even in the dead of night, encourages the usual thrill/ fear surges within me and when Mistress clamps her thigh across my lower regions there’s obvious evidences of my state of mind.

“It’s no good getting excited. I’m not happy. You failed to bring the bath brush as I’d instructed. You would have suffered terribly if I’d had that. But you not getting any satisfaction will be punishment enough for now.
We can save the real punishment for when we get home can’t we?”

Why no bath brush? It’s too noisy for hotel room beatings. We both knew that really. I read a ‘loopy johnny’ (wooden handle with thin rubber loops) is the implement for hotel use. It's quiet, but effective, those on forums insist. Anyone with experience of one?

With that, Mistress turned over and drifted back off to sleep. I’m left with an erection I’m not allowed to touch and a heart that’s racing so fast I’ll never sleep.

When the alarm finally goes off at 7.00am I’m feeling exhausted, but there’s still a wave of euphoria of being with such a fantastic woman in such an intoxicating relationship. Wouldn’t swap it for the world.

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  1. My relationship is not nearly as advanced as yours, but I already know how it is not to be able to sleep.

    Good luck!