Sunday, 19 February 2012

Can caning be fun?

There’s an interesting thread on British Caning Society forum which asks the question, ‘is caning meant to be fun?’

It’s an interesting question, and while I'm sure it can be for some, in fact many, I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my entire life when I actually wanted caning to be fun.

I’ve always wanted to experience punishment – full-blooded strokes - and that goes back to my schooldays when I feared the cane – and was lucky (unlucky?) to escape it.

I used to spend hours wondering what the experience would be like – not just pain of the punishment itself but the whole episode when you realise that you are going to be caned and the hanging around outside the head’s office waiting for the appointment, to the after effects and public humiliation of everyone knowing that you had been caned.

I still have thoughts about coproal punihsment on a daily basis, even though I’m punished fairly regularly but I always spend time like now, contemplating just how severe my next beating will be. And I can’t deny I derive (and always have derived) intense sexual pleasure from those thoughts. But with the way our DD has developed, I also get very nervous now as another appointment with the cane approaches because I know just how hard Mistress has learned to cane.

I know, for example that Mistress and I have been unable to carry out our past two weekly maintenance session. Theoretically that’s 72 strokes owning. Then there’s one particular day that I misbehaved and was told in no uncertain manner that Mistress would deal with my faults very severely.

So I’m pretty certain that later this evening I’m going to suffer quite considerably. It won’t be fun but on the one hand I’m looking forward to Mistress correcting me. I’m overdue punishment and I’m starting to fee that ‘need’.

On the other I scared just how far she will go. 36 strokes is pretty awful but two lots plus extras is not nice and if Mistress is in the mood for beating me, then I will suffer. On the other hand she may be in one of her lenient moods and then possibly, I’ve worried for no reason.

I suppose the flip side to question is whether Mistress thinks caning can be fun. She takes her responsibilities very, very serious - but does derive pleasure from it too. I asked Mistress for her views and she said, "I don't think it's fun - though sometimes you make me want to laugh when you're wriggling around making such a fuss when I've barely touched you.

"I think our punishment sessions are quite serious affairs becasue we use them to maintain a form balance in the house and any real issues are dealt with quickly.

"I enjoy punishing you because it's something you need in your life. You've always needed it so I hope this fills the void in your life you had before we met.

"But you also deserve punishment because it reminds you that you have to have respect at all times and it's a good method of keeping you on track. When we go too long without it, you start to get very slack in your attitude at home. So when I cane, and cane you hard, and you start moaning I know the message is getting through. And for several days aftwerwards I can see a change in you."


  1. I believe the cane is probably the most severe of spanking instruments I have had used on me. It just depends on the Lady with the cane, I have at times been lightly caned and it was not all that bad, and I have been caned very hard with a large cane and it was the worst ever. I have found that if I get a spanking by hand or paddle first the caning is more bearable. Nevertheless the cane is definitely for the more serious offenses, and I never look forward to being caned.

  2. Hi Respecting Mistress:

    Yes yes a thousand time yes!! Her Majesty caned me today and I am still in seventh heaven! I am not sure how many strokes she gave me but I would guess somewhere between 100 and 200. As with any corporal instrument the trick is to bring the intensity up slowly. Much more difficult to take and probably far less pleasurable when applied full force from the beginning.

    The cane is Her Majesty's favorite instrument. Every time we play I lay out paddles, straps, crops, floggers and single tails. She always chooses the cane. She is my Queen. I love her so! Doubtless I will be admiring my stripes in the mirror tomorrow...

  3. I love to hate the cane. The cane is painful on that I think we probably all agree but it feels wonderful afterwards, the glow and the pain whenever you sit. If Mistress warms me first i.e spanking/strapping then the cane isn't quite so bad but if she decides I desreve it on a cold bottom, Ouch! I find that some days I can take it better than others and can lie there and drink in the pain. All that said, I would hate to never have a lady cane me, when she picks up a cane and stands behind my bared bottom swishing it, this drives me mad and sends a shiver through me, knowing it is coming. I definitely Love to hate the cane|

  4. overherlap: I used to look forward to it but as Mistress has grown more adept with using it with real severity, I've become more respectful of its and Mistresses qualities!

    HMP: Sounds delightful. I remeber those days when Mistress used to use the cane like that. Unfortunately for me, when the cane is used, it's full force from the start to the finish. But it was me who initally suggested the idea that we should adopt a more DD lifestyle.

    Titch: You are so right. I love to hate it too. It hurts like hell but the aftermatch is one of submission, contrition and satisfaction. That anticipation you describe is a special feeling.