Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year flr resolutions

Millions of people take this time of the year to review their lives and come up with a set number of resolutions to live by in the New Year. And I’ve noticed already how many of those with female-led relationship blogs are doing likewise.
Mistress and I discussed our relationship at some length during our Christmas break and came up with six main points that we both think need addressing – so you could call them Six of the Best, our New Year’s Resolutions. All that reamins now is to see how long we stick to them.....

1          Mistress will carry allocate me a weekly allowance of £35 to cover the cost of essentials, namely lunches and petrol. I will keep receipts for all money spent and Mistress will review my account at the end of each week and top up the balance accordingly from my bank account. I will no longer be permitted to buy any luxury good without obtaining permission from Mistress first.  This ruling is at my request to curb my continued over-spending.

2          In future I must adhere to the three tenants that our flr is based upon: ‘Never say no to Mistress.’ ‘Never question Mistress.’ ‘Mistress is always right.’ I must put Mistress first before thinking of myself. I will give Mistress more consideration and jump when Mistress demands my attention. This aim being to make me more attentive to Mistresses needs and requirements and to overcome my rather lethargic response to Mistresses commands. These rules apply in public as well as inside the home. Although we have an agreement never to disclose our flr in public Mistress will use a coded warning if I fail to meet the correct standards.

3          I will endeavour to eradicate the several bad habits I have that constantly annoy Mistress. The most important is to full accept that Mistress is in charge of the house and make no effort to take control of a situation – although I will be allowed an input of ideas if Mistress agrees. Other bad habits to correct include chewing my fingers while talking, shouting to Mistress from another room, interrupting Mistresses favourite TV shows, not taking the lead in planning our meals, not getting out of bed quick enough and setting my alarm unnecessarily early.

4          I will endeavour to keep Mistress informed of my work diary details so she is always aware of my movements and can plan around any periods I may be away from home. This is to ensure I keep Mistress informed of my work demands which are often subject to considerable changes of plan. I also need to remember to pay attention to Mistress even when we are miles apart.

 5         On a trial basis Mistress will introduce supervised masturbation prior to maintenance punishment as a means to increase the severity of the punishment.

6          Mistress will now refer to me as Polly when I am on chores duty in the house. This follows my rather bad joke that Mistress should call me ‘Polly’, the amount of times she tells me to put the kettle on during a day.


  1. Hi
    These seem to be challenging resolutions. I hope you are not wishing for too much. Have a good 2012.

  2. A great follow up post: The previous one reflecting back on last year and this one looking forward to the next year. Both have been inspiring and something of an example you have set for those of us men in FLR's.

  3. Michael M: Challenging yes. And we probably are pushing the limits but we both think these goals are attainable and neccessary.

    Ken: Thanks Ken, but they will only be inspirational if we can continue to work to our regime. And as Michael M points out, the resolutions are challenging.